Niles Paul just might be the tight end you've been waiting for


Fantasy Waiver Wire Pickups

Week 2 is in the books and I know what you were thinking after you read my last “Fire Sale.” You thought, “He’s being hard on Toby Gerhart. It’s not as if things can get any worse than they did in Week 1. The worst must be behind us.” Can’t get any worse, huh? How does seven carries for 8 yards feel?

I’ll be honest, I was so mad on Sunday I was trying to change rules in my leagues so I could cut Gerhart during the game. I would complain about what’s going on in Jacksonville right now in regards to the Jaguars still passing Chad Henne off as an NFL quarterback, but who would listen? Seriously, there are only like 300 Jaguars fans in existence and the league can’t wait to move the team. Henne? Hey, call up Brian Griese and see if he’s still interested in playing in the NFL, too. How long do you want to watch Henne fail? It’s painful.

To be fair to Henne and Gerhart, though, while one shouldn’t be starting and the other was selected too high in fantasy drafts, at least they’re trying. It’s only Week 2 and Jacksonville’s offensive line has already quit. If you think the Jaguars were giving effort against Washington on Sunday, you probably need to look up the definition of the word “effort.”

Now on with The Fire Sale …

Going Up

Niles Paul, TE, Washington – Paul is a former college receiver and on Sunday he looked like an NFL receiver playing tight end when he ripped the Jacksonville defense. Filling in for Jordan Reed, Paul caught eight passes for 99 yards and a touchdown on 11 targets.

I’m all in on Paul. If you read this column you know I use two things to make fantasy predictions: my eyes and my gut. It doesn’t always pan out but I’m not really the cautious type. When I see a player I think looks like he has “it,” I put all my chips in the pot. I think Paul has “it.” Advanced Sports Logic's The Machine is also high on Paul as one of the top free agents.

Some people are going to warn that Paul’s production will decline once Reed returns. I have two arguments against that theory. First, Reed will probably stay healthy for about five minutes. Second, coach Jay Gruden ran a lot of two-tight end sets when he was the offensive coordinator with Cincinnati, so I expect both Reed and Paul to be on the field at the same time.

I recommend grabbing Paul this week as one of the better fantasy pickups. My eyes and gut tell me he’s the real deal.

Isaiah Crowell, RB, Cleveland – I remember when I saw Crowell as a freshman running back at Georgia. I thought he was going to be Todd Gurley; meaning the best back in the country. Then Crowell decided to flush his college career down the toilet and ended up going undrafted.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Houston’s Alfred Blue and how he was a highly touted recruit but injuries derailed him in college. Crowell was a five-star recruit, so the talent is obviously there. I also saw Terrance West play some at Towson, and, while I like him, I always thought he danced a bit much when a hole didn’t open up right away. West could get away with that at Towson but in the NFL it’s not going to fly. I see West being a good, not great, NFL runner.

The Browns have two good young backs but if Ben Tate can’t stay healthy, I could see Crowell emerging as the better fantasy option over time. Crowell has rushed for 86 yards and two scores on just 16 carries this season. He’s a guy to watch both this year and beyond.

Donald Brown, RB, San Diego – I remember once some fantasy “expert” predicted Brown would win the Rookie of the Year award after he was drafted by Indianapolis. What a boob.

Brown never reached the level some boob predicted he would, but he’s still a solid back who will put up good fantasy numbers over the next 4-6 weeks filling in for Ryan Mathews . Danny Woodhead's
role won’t change much. He’s still going to be the same player with or without Mathews. You’ll see Brown get around 15-22 carries, depending on the flow of the game.

On another note, I love this Chargers team. I still don’t know how they lost the opener to Arizona. Then I told my cousin to bet the Chargers’ money line against Seattle but instead he put $500 on Seattle -5.5. He’s a boob, too. I think San Diego is a legitimate Super Bowl contender and will give the Denver Broncos everything they can handle in the AFC West. This is coming from the guy who last year said San Diego would win four games and it was time to blow the team up.

Brown should be one of your top waiver wire priorities this week. He’ll be a viable RB2/flex option until Mathews returns.

Fantasy Owners can forget about Peterson for the foreseeable future


RB Fantasy Football -

The future of Adrian Peterson in Minnesota is very much up for debate right now. This is uncharted territory for the league and it’s possible that Peterson is done for the season. But what we know for sure, is that he is to to have no more contact with the Vikings until his legal issues are settled.

In RB news, Peterson’s first appearance in court is scheduled for October 8th and his lawyers will press the court system for a quick resolution. However, any continuance could make the process drag on much longer.

Even if everything is resolved satisfactorily, the public relations nightmare for the team and NFL will resume in full force once the trial starts.

Setting the human drama aside, Adrian Peterson fantasy owners are wondering if their first round fantasy RB draft pick is now a complete bust.

With the facts we have in front of us right now, we know that Peterson CAN NOT return until at least Week 6. So the BEST case scenario for fantasy owners is that Peterson hops out of court and is back with the team for its October 12th contest against the Lions.

Week 6 - October 12th hosting Lions
Week 7 - October 19th at Bills
Week 8 - October 26th at Buccaneers

But like we said, that’s the best case scenario. There’s no telling what actions (if any) the league or team will take in the meantime. There could be anything from time served to a year-long ban.

The Vikings want Peterson back, but they have already shown that they will bend to public pressure. Peterson is nothing but a fantasy liability at this point. Any fantasy production that A-P produces this year should be welcomed as an unexpected bonus.

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With few offensive options, look for Knile Davis to get the rock again and again

Fantasy Waiver Wire Pickups-  

It's time for fantasy managers to step up to the plate and navigate the treacherous waters of the NFL's injury pool. Marquee players are dropping like flies and the waiver wire is your only life line. With big names like Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin, Vernon Davis and Mark Ingram going down, replacements are necessary for the time being. Here are some of the nuggets that could turn into fantasy gold.

1. Knile Davis, KC:

Davis racked up 105 total yards and 2 rushing touchdowns as he took over for the fallen Jamaal Charles. Charles is easily a top 3 fantasy running back when healthy, and his high-ankle sprain could keep him sidelined for a couple weeks. Chiefs coach Andy Reid spoke of keeping a relatively consistent game plan with Davis at the forefront and he expects him to succeed in the system. Davis has shown his ability to be a difference maker and he will be relied upon to produce heavily, especially with Kansas City's lackluster passing game. Davis can be considered a high RB2 or low-end RB1 this weekend when the Chiefs travel to Miami.

2. Antonio Gates, SD:

Just when you think he's on his way out, he regains fantasy relevance with yet another breakout performance. Antonio Gates torched the Seahawks defense for 96 yards and 3 touchdowns, pulling down all 7 of his targets. Gates was listed as questionable for almost the entire week leading up to Sunday's contest, but there was nothing questionable about his connection with QB Philip Rivers. He almost singlehandedly took down the Super Bowl champs, as he was the only one to find the end zone. Expect Gates to continue his high level of production as long as he can stay healthy, making him a top 10 TE with his experience and the trust Rivers has in him.

3. Jeremy Hill, CIN:

Hill's touches improved significantly between the first two contests, but nothing should be take bout of proportion here. He got 17 touches this time as opposed to only 4 in week 1, but Bernard was still favored with 32 total touches. Hill's role should continue to expand as the Bengals exploit defenses with their "thunder and lightning" combination backfield. The rookie out of LSU put up a very solid performance, racking up 74 yards and a TD on 15 rushes, posting an average of 4.9 yards per carry. Hold onto Hill as a low-end RB2 with major upside, as his goal line presence should be something to look forward to.

4. Donald Brown, SD:

With starting running back Ryan Mathews out of commission for at least 4-6 weeks with an MCL sprain, it is to be expected that Donald Brown will pick up most of if not all of his workload. Brown has not has a breakout performance in his first two weeks, but he has the chance to do so as San Diego's starter with Mathews out. Brown is coming off his best season yet, rushing for 5.3 yards per carry and 6 touchdowns for the Indianapolis Colts. As he gets more comfortable in the Chargers offense, it is not too farfetched to see him as a middle-of-the-pack RB2.  One of the most recommended fantasy pickups this week.

Four players including RG3 went down in just a 10-minute span during Week 2


NFL Injury Updates -  

It happens every NFL season. Injuries decimate teams, and, in turn, trash closely constructed fantasy lineups.

Unfortunately for many high profile players, the injury bug has hit early on.

Let’s take a look at some fantasy injury updates for many of the devastating blows inflicted during only Week 2 and how you should handle them going forward.


After a sensational rookie season that ended with Griffin receiving the top prize as Rookie of the Year over other heralded first year players such as Andrew Luck, the Washington quarterback has suffered a number of setbacks.

Some have been the way he played, some have been the way the coaching staff has used him. However, his dislocated ankle that he sustained against Jacksonville may be the worst of the lot going forward.

First of all, expect RGIII to miss a significant amount of time. The Redskins won’t speculate on how much time he’ll be out going forward, but the whole season is a possibility.

Furthermore, Kirk Cousins reminded everyone how capable he is as a NFL starter. Should he play lights out while Griffin is sidelined, he may cause controversy on who in fact is the best man for the job in Washington.

If RGIII is your penciled in starter, you should drop him now. He will do no good taking up a bench spot for the rest of the season.

DeSean Jackson

The fact that the Redskins blasted the Jaguars on Sunday is most likely a petty consolation due to what they sacrificed to get there. Not only is RGIII done for a while, but his prized off-season target in DeSean Jackson also went down.

Jackson was diagnosed with a shoulder injury, and as per ESPN, it is an AC Joint which will put him out day-to-day. This means that he will most likely play next week.

And, as mentioned before with Kirk Cousins, those with Jackson on their fantasy rosters should still hold him in high regard. Cousins is more than capable with RGIII out, and, more importantly, will be looking to Jackson as his main target in the coming weeks.

Jackson may have provided you with a subpar week 2 effort, but he will be valuable on your roster regardless.

Knowshon Moreno

The tale of Knowshon Moreno and quality NFL running backs can be told in simple terms: even though he had the best season of his career in 2013, the Denver Broncos freely let him walk last offseason and his highest bidder was the Dolphins at a 1 year, $3 million dollar clip. The bottom line is that if you need a running back that isn’t in the upper tier, whether it’s real football or fantasy, there are plenty to choose from.

Moreno had a spectacular week 1 against New England, making some in Denver lament his exit. However, just one week later, those who had Moreno as a viable RB option no longer can think that way.

According to multiple reports, Moreno dislocated his elbow in the first quarter against the Bills on Sunday and will be sidelined for a significant amount of time. The Dolphins won’t disclose a timetable yet, but history says this injury won’t produce a quick recovery.

Lamar Miller will be asked to pick up the slack in his absence, and if you had Moreno and Miller is on waivers, you should certainly look into him. However, Moreno himself is not valuable enough to hold onto in the hopes he’ll return any time soon. Drop him and look elsewhere to have bench depth on your roster.

Jamaal Charles

Jamaal Charles, one of the main targets in fantasy drafts this entire summer, left early in the Chiefs game against the Broncos with an ankle injury. His return was soon ruled out.

Charles was confirmed to suffer an ankle sprain, and although he didn’t return, he is still Jamaal Charles. We don’t know how long he’ll be out, but even without official word from Kansas City, it would be foolish to abandon him right now.

Unlike Knowshon Moreno, Charles is an elite NFL running back. In turn, he is also an elite fantasy player across nearly all league formats. The fact that he may miss a few games is not enough to let him escape to another player in your league.

Unless the Chiefs come out with definitive news that Charles will miss most of the season, he is more than worth holding onto until he returns to the field.

AJ Green

Let’s face it. Andy Dalton owes AJ Green a portion of every game check he receives as part of the new, lucrative deal he signed in the off-season. Green makes Dalton look good just by showing up.

So, it was concerning to both Bengals fans and Green owners when he went down with a toe injury during Sunday’s game against the Falcons. A simple toe injury may seem benign, but as many fantasy and NFL veterans will tell you, it can be an ominous sign of things to come. Turf toe is like the itch you can never, ever scratch. And it can be something that continuously sidelines a star player.

Luckily, as reported by, it appears as though it’s just a strain and the Green will aim to play next week. If that’s the case, whether he’s fully healthy or not, you must start him. He’s one of the most dynamic playmakers, and fantasy stat sheet stuffers, in the league. Hopefully this was just a temporary scare.

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Sunday Night Football can be very tough on fantasy owners


WR Fantasy Injury Updates News -  

Bears wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are slated as “Game-Time-Decisions” for Chicago’s Week 2 road matchup against the hard-hitting San Francisco 49ers.

Marshall is nursing a sore ankle and was not able to run at practice this week.  He has spent some time on the NFL injury updates list.

Jeffery was a limited participant in Friday’s practice with a sore hamstring and it’s 50/50 whether or not he will play.

Inactive players are announced 90 minutes before each NFL contest and that’s no help for fantasy owners because this is a Sunday night game.

Fantasy owners can either roll the dice hoping that their receiver will play or plug in a replacement during one of the earlier games.  Stay tuned for up-to-date injury updates with Fantasy Focus to help you make your decisions.




Mark Ingram could rack up some nice fantasy point totals in Cleveland


Fantasy Football Start -

1. Terrance West, CLE:

West was able to start his career off on the right foot, rushing for 100 yards on 16 carries in his first NFL game. Expect this momentum to continue since starting back Ben Tate has been declared out for the next 2 weeks. The rookie should receive a ton of carries during that timespan. He has already been named the starter in Tate's absence and has a rather favorable opponent in the Saints. New Orleans had trouble defending the run a season ago, allowing 111.625 yards per game. The mediocre run defense trend continued, as they allowed 123 yards on the ground against Atlanta in their week 1 contest. West can be used as a middle of the pack RB2, with high RB2 upside moving forward if Ben Tate struggles to make a speedy recovery.


2. Mark Ingram, NO:

Ingram has the best chance to retain fantasy value out of the Saint's crowded backfield. Ingram rushed for 60 yards and 2 touchdowns on 13 touches against the Falcons. Ingram will square off against the lackluster Browns defense this week and should have a field day. Cleveland will have a tough time containing the 24-year-old out of Alabama, as he looks much more confident now than in seasons past. Not only in week 1, but also his preseason performances serve as a solid indicator of where his production is headed. Expect him to receive the bulk of the carries, and feel free to use Ingram as an average RB2 this weekend.



1. Zac Stacy, STL:

Zac Stacy's ceiling has continued to spiral downward since the start of the preseason, and he should be sold high in most standard leagues before it is too late. The first crushing blow to his fantasy value occurred after QB Sam Bradford tore his ACL. The Rams will struggle to get anything going in the passing game this year, which will make it that much more difficult for Zac Stacy to find room to run. In addition, backup HB Benny Cunningham seems to be gaining respect from the St. Louis organization, and received most third down carries last week. Stacy's value has diminished greatly, and he should be considered a weak flex play for week 2.

2. Steven Jackson, ATL:

The Falcons coaching staff only gave up the rock to Steven Jackson 12 times during Atlanta's Week 1 win over the Saints. 12 carries is not enough volume to get the job done for fantasy owners. Even if he sees more action on the field, he's not going any where against the Bengals run defense on the road. Jackson is supposed to be the running focal point for the Falcons in a crowded backfield, but unless his workload increases, he's barely serviceable as a fill-in flex option.

3. DeAngelo Williams, CAR:

Williams is currently dealing with a thigh injury, and it looks to be highly unlikely that he will be able to suit up against Detroit. His list of injuries is quite extensive, and he always seems to be fighting off a new issue. Even if he finds his way onto the field, it's almost certain that Jonathan Stewart would cut into carries for preventative purposes. The Lions were 6th in rushing yards allowed a season ago, and a roughed up DeAngelo Williams will Ndamukong Suh and company licking their chops. Expect a goose egg from the injured tailback, or limited production as he attempts to recover from his leg injury. Avoid inserting DeAngelo into most standard fantasy lineups until further notice.

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The Vikings deactivated Peterson shortly after he was indicted in Texas


RB Fantasy News-

After being indicted on child abuse charges in Texas, the Minnesota Vikings pulled the plug on Adrian Peterson for the team’s Week 2 home game against the visiting Patriots.  He is no longer a leading RB fantasy football option.
In the wake of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal, the NFL is dealing with one of the darkest and most embarrassing weeks in league history.
With A-P out, Matt Asiata will draw the start against New England with rookie Jerick McKinnon playing the role of backup.  Both could be a decent fantasy RB pickup.
There is currently no time table for Peterson's return to football. Peterson turned himself into the authorities in Montgomery County Texas where he was processed and released about a half hour later.
For the latest RB news, stay tuned to ASL's fantasy updates!
Vikings must weigh the pros and cons of playing Peterson on Sunday


RB Fantasy Football -

The NFL suffered another serious hit to it’s reputation and Adrian Peterson fantasy owners could be in deep trouble after the all-star fantasy RB was charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child in Montgomery County Texas.

In RB news, Peterson will now have to turn himself in to Texas authorities and his game status for Week 2 against the Patriots is now a major question mark.

Peterson was back at practice on Friday after missing Thursday for “undisclosed reasons.”

The Vikings organization now has to decide whether or not they allow Peterson to play in the wake of this new investigation.

Fantasy owners would be wise to get a replacement ready just in case he does not suit up at home against New England.

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Is father time chasing down Cardinals star receiver Larry Fitzgerald?

WR Fantasy Football News - 

Fitzgerald is coming off of one of his worst seasons in recent memory. The future Hall of Famer and fantasy WR stud did have 10 TD's and 954 Receiving Yards in 2013, but had quite a few games where he was a virtual no-show and anything but a superstar. 

One week into the 2014 season, and Fitzgerald has one catch for 22 yards. He had zero targets in the first half and only four total targets for the game. Not only is Fitzgerald not a WR1, he's not even the most valuable receiver on his team from a fantasy perspective.  

It seems clear that Fitzgerald has lost a step and won't be stretching the field like he once did, but it's too early to bail on him yet. In WR fantasy news, Fitzgerald has a great match-up against a Giants team that just got torched by Megatron and the Detroit Lions. He's worthy of a start as a WR2 or Flex play this week. If he can't put some good numbers this week it may be time to hit the panic button.

Fitzgerald still has the skills and football IQ to contribute at a high level and as long as he's not playing Seattle or maybe San Francisco on the road, he should bring strong fantasy value to the table. With several good match-ups this season against opponents such as the Giants, Redskins, Raiders, Eagles, Cowboys, Rams and Lions, it's worth rolling the dice with Fitz as he will be doing his absolute best to put up big numbers in hopes of getting a new contract for the 2015 season.

Many owners tend to panic in Week 1 and pull the plug on older players because of a poor outing. However, Week 1 is always a bit of an anomaly and Fitzgerald has a proven track record that can not be discounted.

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T-West can make his mark against the Saints

RB Fantasy News -

Browns running back Terrance West is far from a sure thing, but if he blows up during Week 2 against the Saints, you will be in a battle next week to pick him up against the rest of your league as a RB fantasy football option.

When Ben Tate went down with an injury, West racked up 100 yards on 16 carries against the Steelers. Facing a questionable Saints run defense, he has a chance to shine during Week 2.

Browns coach Mike Pettine has already named West as the lead back, so fantasy owners in need of a fantasy RB have the opportunity to grab him now before he’s really on the map.

Again, there’s no guarantee that a Fantasy RB like West will rock the world out there, but smart fantasy players know that grabbing a player based on potential could pay strong dividends. Browns back Isaiah Crowell has more power than West and could vulture some goal line chances, but West will get the bulk of the carries.

Tate is currently listed as week-to-week with a sprained knee, but his durability has always been a problem and the Browns knew they were taking a big risk when they signed him.

The majority of Tate’s contract is structured on the amount of games he is able to play. Sunday’s game against the Saints will be the 25th game he’s missed since he joined the league in 2011.

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