The Team

Leonard LaPadula, Founder

Since Leonard founded Advanced Sports Logic in 2009, he has grown the company from his basement into an international team. Prior to Advanced Sports Logic, Leonard worked for Texas Instruments from where he designed the first GPS chip and was awarded three related patents. Leonard went on to work for Lockheed Martin automating the flow of integrated circuit design. Here, Leonard won the Best Paper Award for his paper titled Auto-Synthesis at the Synopsys User’s Group conference. Leonard later worked for Synopsys, a company specializing in automation software for integrated circuit design used in electronic devices. Leonard worked in Japan for three years selling and managing multi-national consulting services to Japanese semiconductor corporations. Leonard most recently architected and implemented key technology for integrating, testing and packaging multi-product design flows. He graduated with High Honors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in three years with B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy has been writing about sports -- fantasy, pro and college -- since 2001. He has written for numerous fantasy sites, including He has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Central Florida and a master's degree in mass communication from California State University-Northridge. He currently lives in Orlando.

Jake Beham

Jake graduated from The Ohio State University with a dual degree in Honors Accounting and Finance. He worked in the financial industry for such firms as Lehman Brothers, Pali Capital, and First New York Securities gaining a wide variety of knowledge about financial markets, transactions, and foreign exchange. After much contemplation about his future career, Jake decided to follow his true passion and apply his financial acumen and experience in the sports world. He now works with the Golf Channel as a financial analyst in addition to helping out at ASL. Beyond his career, Jake is also a writing junkie who has written and edited a TV pilot, a movie script, and plenty of website content. He is in 6 fantasy football leagues and plays recreation basketball, football, and softball.

John Adams

John Adams has nearly 20 years of television network reporting experience covering professional and college teams across the country including the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Buffaloes, Carolina Panthers and the Florida State Seminoles.

Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a sports fanatic. Growing up in Australia, he followed English Premier League soccer, NFL, NBA and many other sports. Since relocating to the US over 12 years ago, Daniel has been heavily involved in fantasy football including Dynasty Leagues, Re-draft and Daily Fantasy. The NFL Draft and Fantasy Football are his passion and devotion. You can follow Daniel on Twitter @brownsnake76 for sports comments and general musings, or hit him up with your fantasy questions!

Josh Rabbitt

Josh has been playing dynasty fantasy football for more than a decade and manages over 50 teams and has won more than 100 championships. When Josh isn't managing his teams or spending time with his family, he is either coaching football or watching football. Josh has B.S. in Social Studies Education from the University of Wisconsin Platteville and is currently teaching high school history.

AJ Schreiver

AJ’s life has revolved around sports and the opportunities athletics have provided for him. He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2011 with a degree in Exercise Science while playing on 2 intercollegiate intramural National championship teams, in Club baseball and flag football. Fifteen years ago he started his first league as commissioner and now plays in 4 FFL’s (2 of them Dynasty) along with his Wife who is in 2 FFL’s herself. He has been following the MLB, NFL, and NBA for over 20 years and loves the thought provoking logic sports provides.

Levi Andrews

Levi likes to spend time with his 6 year old son, which includes coaching his football and baseball teams. He's also trying not to hurt himself on the skateboard again.
Levi raises chickens on his little farm in Washington State. He has 17 chickens, 1 turkey and 2 ducks.

Chad Samuels

Chad is a 45 year-old widower of two wonderful children, lives in Eastern Pennsylvania, and is a shipping and receiving manager. Chad is a criminal minds addict and splits his leisure time between fantasy football and playing the Magic TCG.
When it comes to fantasy football, Chad contributed to in the early 2000's and enjoys the dynasty format and all the theory behind it.

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