When it comes to dynasty fantasy football, ASL's Etan Mozia is a 12-year seasoned veteran with proven know-how for winning championships. Etan wants to show ASL subscribers examples how he can assist dynasty team managers to find opportunities to improve their team and is giving away his Dynasty Diagnostic Service to two ASL subscribers based on a random drawing.

’Two heads are better than one.’ Sometimes clichés, though overused, can still ring true. This one I find particularly so. Dynasty Fantasy Football is an ideal example of this as the sheer level of detail in many leagues can be overwhelming at first. That said, it’s also the reason so many fantasy owners find it to be such an appealing format. Every cut, trade, or waiver wire decision can have lasting impacts on your team. Making the correct choices the first time around is paramount.

I’ve been an avid football fan since 2000 and dipped my toes into the fantasy football scene a few years thereafter. Since then, I’ve played in various types of league formats and have seen it all. I’ve experienced the glorious highs of winning a championship and the terrible lows of a three-win season. Because of this, I often became a sounding board for many friends, family members, and twitterfolk I’ve met concerning their dynasty teams. Some time ago, I decided to write about some of the lessons I’ve learned and began the Dynasty Diagnostic Service. Here are some of my recent How-To articles:

So if you decide you want a second opinion, Let’s Win Your League Together This Year!

-Etan Mozia

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Etan's diagnostic of your team will include a full assessment of your teams standing, a plan of action concerning your teams ascending and descending assets, and a declaration of where your team stands on the scale of rebuilding to contending. Etan will help you formulate strategies for growth and make specific recommendations for trades and waiver wire activity for your team. 

If you would like to enter your team into the drawing, send an email to Etan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Don't delay. Etan wants to get started so the drawing will happen in a day or two.

If your team is selected, Etan will need a link to your league and you will be requested to give feedback for Etan's service. ASL reserves the right to post Etan's Dynasty Diagnostic and your feedback as a testimony.