The gift-giving holidays remain a few weeks away, so consider this exciting Daily Fantasy Sports news something of an early present from Advance Sports Logic. Many of you have asked we turn "The Machine" on for DFS. That's exactly what we're doing.

ASL is beta testing it now and we are inviting you to follow along. The initial results are promising. Last week, ASL entered its very first lineup in a league and finished among the top 3% out of more than 145,000 entries. We received back 4x our entry fee!

We wanted to share this update with you in part because Monday is the last day to purchase multi-year licenses at this year’s prices. If you like the way our DFS product is shaping up, we are ready to throw in a free one-year subscription with any purchase of a multi-year license (retroactive to those that already made a multi-year license purchase). ASL is estimating to have the DFS product ready for basketball, hockey, baseball by the end of this year. Football will be free for the remainder of this year.

As for Daily Fantasy Sports, The Machine does not give you one lineup. It gives you the best lineup based on projection from Fantasy Sharks, Pro Football Focus Fantasy and Fantasy Football Metrics. It also gives you the best-blended lineup from all the NFL fantasy sources.

Below we've listed screen shots from the desktop version that show our top twelve lineups. Test in the real world as you wish. We generated each of the four lineups described above, then we remove all these players to get the next best, and so on. In this way we generate the top three lineups for each set of projections without repeating the same player.

We cannot guarantee any results and this is only our second week testing. Our one sample to date, as exciting as it is, is not statistically significant. We have no other data to indicate the win rates or how these lineups might do. However, we do believe our lineup calculator is working well, and we believe in the quality of the projections we receive from our providers.

Daily Fantasy Sports is a game of skill with an element of luck, and the projections and tools that are generating the lineups we are publishing today could perhaps be the best commercially available in the industry.

Purchase your multi-year license package now to get a free one-year subscription to The Machine for Daily Fantasy Sports. Thanks as always for your interest and input.  As always, stay tuned to ASL for the latest in NFL player news and fantasy football advice!