Richard Sherman says his defensive unit is a pack of wild dogs and they're hungry


1)    "Wild Dog" Richard Sherman may go Rick Grimes and bite a female reporter rather than scream at her during post game interview

2)    LeGarrette Blount primed to sucker punch another player in front of a Super Bowl audience

3)    Jeremy Lane may require skin grafts after getting torched by NFL fantasy stud Rob Gronkowski

4)    Aaron Hernandez will be watching the Super Bowl with the “Sisters Gang” from Shawshank

5)    NFL player news: Richard Sherman will sip another sweet and juicy Adderall cocktail during pre-game warmups

6)    Bill Belichick will finally show off his Gisele Bundchen tattoo 

7)    Belichick may implicate Brady regarding the circumstances around his Gisele tattoo

8)    The Patriots could have played with deflated ping pong balls and beaten the Colts by 30

9)    Ravens coach John Harbaugh will sing "Tears on my Pillow" during halftime with Katy Perry

10)  LeGarrette Blunt – Smoking blunts, getting fantasy football stud Le’Veon Bell busted and busting out for the Patriots