In the vast cosmos of fantasy football, where leagues rise and fall like empires, there exists a realm of perpetual narratives—Dynasty Diaries. This series unfolds in the hallowed grounds of dynasty leagues, where dreams of sustained dominance are not fleeting whispers but enduring echoes. In this first chapter, we embark on a journey through the draft—a celestial dance of choices that sets the stage for a dynasty's rise or fall.

A Prelude to Dynasty Dreams

The dynasty draft, akin to selecting the stars for a celestial dance, is where the narrative begins. As the architect of your football fate, each pick is a brushstroke on the canvas of your dynasty dreams. The strategy unfolds, a delicate ballet of balancing proven veterans and budding talent. Amid the uncertainty, a coherent plan emerges—a symphony in the making.

Our inaugural episode, "Inception," serves as the opening chapter, diving into the foundational moments that birth dynasty teams. This journey mirrors the planting of seeds, with each decision shaping the roots that anchor future triumphs. Join us as we dissect the strategies, trials, and the emotional crescendo of the genesis of my dynasty team. This series will look at multiple angles of this squad:

League Background and Settings:

  • 12-team league
  • Week 13 trade deadline
  • Roster Size: 25
  • Starting Lineup: 12 (1 QB, 2RB’s, 3WR’s, 1TE, 3 Flex, 1SF, 1K, 1 DEF)
  • Scoring: 1⁄2 pt PPR, 4 pts per passing touchdown, 6 pts for each rushing and receiving touchdown, (the other scoring metrics are somewhat non-essential for the purposes of this series, but suffice to say this league is a Superflex league with rushing QBs being more valuable. This league is not a TE premier league either)
  • 4 IR Slots
  • 5 Taxi Squad Spots
  • Taxi-Squad Duration: 1 year

This initial dynasty draft was at the beginning of the 2022 season, and I was given the two picks at the back turn (1.12 and 2.01). Unfamiliar with the nuances of dynasty and super-flex leagues, my approach was shaped by years of playing single QB redraft leagues. Little did I know the seismic shift in strategy that awaited.

Trading, the heartbeat of dynasty leagues, is a dance where fortunes shift with every negotiation. My strategy, even before the draft, was to amass depth. I traded down and out of the first round, a move that laid the foundation for a roster rich in talent. Multiple trades before the draft aimed at acquiring as much depth as possible, a precursor to the trading saga that would unfold.

The initial roster, a snapshot frozen in time, reflects the choices made and the strategy employed:

  • Quarterbacks (Initial): Daniel Jones, Marcus Mariota, Jordan Love, Tyler Huntley
  • Running Backs (Initial): Nick Chubb, Saquon Barkley, Leonard Fournette, Antonio Gibson, Melvin Gordon, Pierre Strong, Trey Sermon, Boston Scott, Jerrick McKinnon, Abram Smith, Benny Snell
  • Wide Receivers (Initial): DK Metcalf, DeVonta Smith, Rashaad Bateman, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Garrett Wilson, Skyy Moore, Christian Kirk, Robert Woods, Jarvis Landry, Kenny Golladay, Sterling Shepard
  • Tight Ends (Initial): Kyle Pitts, Tyler Higbee, Evan Engram
  • Kicker (Initial): Cade York
  • Defense (Initial): Cincinnati Bengals

This roster, a blend of proven veterans and emerging stars, was the canvas upon which the dynasty narrative would unfold. Coming out of the draft, I was quite pleased with my picks at RB and WR, and happy with Pitts as my starting TE (my strategy of obtaining a top TE was solid, but Pitts would go on to get hurt and miss the entire year, and I ended up needing to pivot in a different direction).

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Lessons Learned: The Tapestry of Wisdom

After this initial draft and during the course of the year, I learned a few things that I will take with me into future dynasty leagues.

1. Quarterback Depth and Streamlining:

Having stud QBs in superflex, while helpful, isn't as crucial as perceived. A better approach is to have depth at the position and stream it, with at least three starting options. The aim is not just to cover bye weeks but to control the QB market, ensuring a cushion against injuries or ineffectiveness.

2. The Tradable Value of Stud RBs:

Multiple stud RBs are valuable, but their worth extends beyond starting lineups. They become trading assets, allowing the team to pivot swiftly in response to the NFL's rapidly changing landscape. I later learned that a team can compete for a championship with only one stud RB on their roster.

3. The Power of a WR-Heavy Approach:

The intentional strategy of prioritizing WRs yielded dividends. Beyond providing a solid core, the focus on up-and-coming players in their 2-3rd years established a foundation for multiple seasons. Another advantage of this had to do with league settings, as I chose to use WRs for all of my flex positions instead of RB or a combo. The advantage here was that I could simply stockpile solid WRs (even if they were not studs), and have a significant statistical advantage over the competition at the position. My logic was that if I fill my roster with top options at WR, I will outscore my competition more consistently and lower my team’s risk of injury (hard to win if your team is consistently not on the field)

The strategy, the trades, and the roster metamorphosis culminated in a triumphant first season. The dynasty team finished the season with an 8-6 record, securing a playoff spot as the 6th seed and ultimately emerging as the league champions. The roadmap to success, though subject to twists and turns, validated the chosen path.

As we close this chapter of the Dynasty Diaries, the focus shifts to the future. In the next article, we will delve into the draft chronicles, dissecting the strategies, highlighting key picks, and reflecting on the players who have become the backbone of the team. The journey, like a symphony, unfolds, each note resonating with the promise of future glory.

Join us in the eternal symphony of dynasty dreams, where every choice echoes through the seasons, etching its story on the canvas of fantasy football.


Dynasty Diaries: Navigating the Eternal Symphony of Choices (Part 1 - Inception)

The inaugural episode delves into the foundational moments that birth dynasty teams. Join us as we dissect the strategies, trials, and the emotional crescendo of the genesis of my dynasty team.