Joe Milton III – Tennessee 

Positives: Tremendous ability to get the ball downfield. Exhibits impressive velocity and accuracy when throwing on the move.

Negatives: A 5th year senior who has never really found a home or been trusted to be the starter. Accuracy across all levels (short, medium and long) limit overall ceiling. Milton has a canon arm and shows overdependence on this ability to get him out of tight spots. 

Highlight Reel: Milton showcasing his lively arm.

Drake Maye – North Carolina

PositivesAn elite athlete that plays the position the right way. Maye passed for 4,087 yards on 482 attempts with a completion percentage of 66.6 for an average of 8.5 yards per pass. He was also effective on the ground with 143 rushes for a total of 833 yards at an average of 5.8 per rush. Maye possess every single physical tool and shows maturity and understanding of the game.

Negatives: Too quick to play off script and rely on his clear talent. Mistakes happen when Maye is trying to force the playmaker magic to work.

Highlight Reel: Maye seems pro ready right now

Drew Allar – Penn State 

PositivesPrototypical build of a big-bodied pro-style quarterback. Nearly 6-foot-5 and 230-plus pounds. Displays tremendous vertical passing potential with terrific velocity in short-to-intermediate situations. Possesses a myriad of arm angles to experiment with playmaking creativity. Plays the position the right way. Off-schedule potential is through the roof.

Negatives: Capable of scrambling when the play breaks down but not a true dual-threat. Lacks experience under center despite all the tools. 

Highlight Reel: All the tools, but not the experience on what to do with them.

Caleb Williams – USC

PositivesReigning Heisman winner. Williams is a difference maker every week for his team due to his daring style.

Negatives: Lack of size and there are questions over emotional maturity.

Highlight Reel: His tape is chuck full of playmaker's confidence.

Michael Penix Jr. – Washington

PositivesA lefty with a canon is always a tactical conundrum. Mobility with a lively arm paint him as the prototypical modern QB.

Negatives: Dealt with injuries in his past. Benefits from experience as an older transfer student. Only one great season of tape.

Highlight Reel: A fun QB to watch as he tears up questionable defenses from a weak conference.

Quinn Ewers – Texas

PositivesVertical passing ability is special, he can place the ball anywhere on the field, especially when given a clean pocket. Notably talented against pass rushers,l stepping up into pocket while looking downfield, reset his feet and deliver.

Negatives: Not as mobile as other QBs on this list. Lacks maturity and consistency.

Highlight ReelCan be a special talent to witness on a good day (see vs Oklahoma 2022), but sadly his weaknesses usually show too much.

Spencer Rattler – South Carolina

PositivesPlays with Playmakers confidence. Excellent when on throwing move and has the arm talent to make majority of throws.

Negatives: Not the prototypical size, lacks modern QB mobility as a runner out the backfield. A transfer student who fizzled out at his last location.

Highlight Reel: Plays the game with an unmistakable playmaker's confidence.