With half of the NFL's preseason in the books, ASL is giving you its ranking of the top 50 WRs.

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For easy reference, we are putting the table at the top of the article and our team’s player analyses below. We included standard deviation (“Std Dev”) in the table, which is a measure of how well we agree on the ranking of a particular player. A smaller standard deviation indicates greater agreement. Players such as Sammy Watkins and Jordy Nelson have large standard deviations and are likely to present more risk, but also more upside potential. Check out our comments and decide for yourself.

Rank Player Ave Min Max Std Dev Josh Jason Brian Etan
1 Antonio Brown - Pittsburgh Steelers 1.0 1 1 0.0 1 1 1 1
2 DeAndre Hopkins - Houston Texans 2.5 2 4 0.9 4 2 2 2
3 Odell Beckham Jr. - New York Giants 2.8 2 3 0.4 2 3 3 3
4 Julio Jones - Atlanta Falcons 5.5 4 10 2.6 10 4 4 4
5 Michael Thomas - New Orleans Saints 6.5 5 11 2.6 11 5 5 5
6 Davante Adams - Green Bay Packers 7.0 6 8 0.7 6 7 7 8
7 Mike Evans - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.8 5 9 1.6 5 9 8 9
8 A.J. Green - Cincinnati Bengals 8.0 7 10 1.2 7 8 10 7
9 Keenan Allen - Los Angeles Chargers 8.0 6 14 3.5 14 6 6 6
10 Tyreek Hill - Kansas City Chiefs 9.3 3 14 4.0 3 11 9 14
11 Adam Thielen - Minnesota Vikings 11.3 9 13 1.5 9 12 11 13
12 Stefon Diggs - Minnesota Vikings 13.0 11 16 1.9 16 13 12 11
13 T.Y. Hilton - Indianapolis Colts 13.0 10 19 3.7 19 10 13 10
14 Doug Baldwin - Seattle Seahawks 14.0 12 15 1.2 15 14 15 12
15 Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona Cardinals 16.8 14 21 2.6 21 16 14 16
16 Brandin Cooks - Los Angeles Rams 18.0 8 22 5.8 8 22 20 22
17 Amari Cooper - Oakland Raiders 19.5 15 30 6.2 30 15 18 15
18 Demaryius Thomas - Denver Broncos 20.3 17 27 4.1 20 17 27 17
19 JuJu Smith-Schuster - Pittsburgh Steelers 20.3 17 27 4.0 27 18 17 19
20 Marvin Jones - Detroit Lions 20.3 16 23 2.7 22 23 16 20
21 Allen Robinson - Chicago Bears 20.5 12 28 6.1 12 28 24 18
22 Josh Gordon - Cleveland Browns 22.0 19 26 3.1 26 19 19 24
23 Golden Tate - Detroit Lions 22.5 20 26 2.3 23 20 26 21
24 Chris Hogan - New England Patriots 23.0 18 27 3.7 18 27 21 26
25 Jarvis Landry - Cleveland Browns 26.0 21 35 5.4 35 21 23 25

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Rank Player Ave Min Max Std Dev Josh Jason Brian Etan
26 Marquise Goodwin - San Francisco 49ers 26.8 13 34 8.2 13 34 28 32
27 Alshon Jeffery - Philadelphia Eagles 29.3 23 36 5.1 36 26 32 23
28 Corey Davis - Tennessee Titans 30.0 24 42 7.2 42 24 25 29
29 Emmanuel Sanders - Denver Broncos 31.0 30 32 0.7 31 32 31 30
30 Michael Crabtree - Baltimore Ravens 31.0 22 46 9.0 46 29 22 27
31 Robert Woods - Los Angeles Rams 31.5 29 35 2.2 29 31 35 31
32 Robby Anderson - New York Jets 32.8 24 37 5.2 24 36 37 34
33 Randall Cobb - Green Bay Packers 33.5 17 40 9.6 17 38 40 39
34 Devin Funchess - Carolina Panthers 35.5 30 45 5.7 45 30 34 33
35 Sammy Watkins - Kansas City Chiefs 36.5 25 50 10.4 50 25 43 28
36 Jamison Crowder - Washington Redskins 38.5 29 -- 10.4 -- 33 29 27
37 Will Fuller - Houston Texans 40.0 35 44 3.7 43 35 44 38
38 Jordy Nelson - Oakland Raiders 40.3 25 -- 11.1 25 42 38 --
39 Cooper Kupp - Los Angeles Rams 41.0 33 -- 8.9 -- 39 33 36
40 Pierre Garcon - San Francisco 49ers 42.3 35 -- 8.2 -- 37 41 35
41 Nelson Agholor - Philadelphia Eagles 43.3 36 -- 7.6 -- 40 36 41
42 Sterling Shepard - New York Giants 43.5 30 -- 9.2 44 -- 30 44
43 Rishard Matthews - Tennessee Titans 43.8 37 50 4.8 37 50 42 46
44 Kelvin Benjamin - Buffalo Bills 44.3 41 50 3.4 41 43 50 43
45 Kenny Stills - Miami Dolphins 44.8 39 -- 6.8 -- 44 39 40
46 Julian Edelman - New England Patriots 46.0 41 -- 6.0 -- 41 45 42
47 Allen Hurns - Dallas Cowboys 46.8 38 -- 6.5 38 48 -- 45
48 Tyler Lockett - Seattle Seahawks 47.3 32 -- 9.9 32 45 -- --
49 Josh Doctson - Washington Redskins 47.8 40 -- 5.7 40 -- 47 48
50 Tyrell Williams - Los Angeles Chargers 48.5 33 -- 9.4 33 49 -- --

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1. Antonio Brown - Pittsburgh Steelers

Josh's #1: If healthy, he will almost undoubtedly be the No. 1 WR.

Jason's #1: The no-brainer No. 1. The only question is which first-round RBs are you willing to bypass in order to draft him? Four straight overall No. 1 WR finishes and 150-plus targets in five straight years. Better than WR2 numbers in 57 of his last 77 games.

Brian's #1: His floor is basically 100 catches, 1,200 yards and 9-10 touchdowns. Not too shabby.

Etan's #1: Brown being a top-five WR is as assured as death and taxes. No contest here.

2. DeAndre Hopkins - Houston Texans

Jason's #2: Nos. 2-4 in these ranks are largely interchangeable. They are all volume WRs with a solid weekly floor. Deshaun Watson will endure efficiency regression, but Hopkins was fantasy's top WR while playing with Watson last season. Hopkins was WR36 in 2016, so there is potential downside here.

Brian's #2: He averaged better than six catches and 90 yards per game during Deshaun Watson's six starts. He also scored six times in those games. While Will Fuller's 2017 with Watson is completely unsustainable, we know Hopkins has overall No. 1 WR ability. He was exactly that last season, and was a top-10 wideout just two years ago despite playing with much, much lesser QBs.

Etan's #2: Nuk finally has a QB to play with. I expect a repeat of last year's performance, especially if Deshaun Watson is back to full health.

Josh's #4: Hopkins is a talent, and the spread offense Houston will run is exciting, but there aren't many other threats in this offense. Honestly, I am a bit afraid of drafting him this high.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. - New York Giants

Josh's #2: Talent trumps all here. OBJ is simply amazing when his head is on straight and he is healthy.

Jason's #3: Temperament and injury history are a concern, but he has posted WR1 numbers in 48.9 percent of his 47 games. Has finished fifth or better among wideouts in fantasy points per game in each of his four seasons. Contract-year motivation will drive him.

Brian's #3: Perhaps the NFL's most talented wide receiver, I have Beckham third due to him being surrounded by a sub-par QB and a bunch of quality pass-catchers. Plus, I want to see that last year's broken ankle hasn't sapped him of any agility.

Etan's #3: OBJ might have the best supporting cast around and will see lighter coverages than in years past as a result. Volume is a concern as is Eli Manning's decline.

4. Julio Jones - Atlanta Falcons

Jason's #4: Second-most receiving yards but only 3 TDs in 2017. A virtual lock to score more. 1,400-plus receiving yards in four straight years. He's guaranteed to post top-five WR numbers and has the upside to be the overall No. 1 WR.

Brian's #4: Julio's relative lack of touchdowns has always felt a little fluky. Buy him for his 1,400-yard floor and have faith that the TDs will come.

Etan's #4: The Falcons have upgraded their receiving corps around Julio with first-rounder Calvin Ridley, who reminds me a lot of Roddy White. TDs have also never been huge for Jones, though we should expect more than last year's total of three.

Josh's #10: Always good for one fantasy blow-up game per year, but outside of that, Julio is more WR2 than WR1.

5. Michael Thomas - New Orleans Saints

Jason's #5: Ultra-consistent target with WR2 or better numbers 75 percent of the time. Scored only five TDs in 2017, so some positive regression should be expected. Mark Ingram's suspension could help him. Move him up in PPR.

Brian's #5: A top-10 fantasy wideout in each of his first two seasons, Thomas will score more than five times this year. Again, TD totals are generally tough to predict for wideouts.

Etan's #5: Thomas was a one-man show in New Orleans last year, at least at WR. This season, Cameron Meredith & rookie Tre'Quan Smith should command their share of looks.

Josh's #11: Everyone sees Thomas' size and then talks about how he is a threat to score more than 10 TDs this year. Thomas hasn't scored 10 times in a season going back to college. These are the same people who think Tyreek Hill's production is unsustainable. Anyway, Thomas will be more of a back-end WR1.

6. Davante Adams - Green Bay Packers

Josh's #6: He's Aaron Rodgers' No. 1 WR for the first time. I'll go out on a limb and say that’s going to lead to upper-half WR1 production.

Jason's #7: Unquestioned top WR in the Packers' offense who was a top-12 fantasy wideout last season with Brett Hundley under center. Leads NFL in red-zone targets (46) and receiving TDs (22) through the past two years.

Brian's #7: A rising star who is still just 25 even though he's entering his fifth season. Do I want a piece of Aaron Rodgers' clear No. 1 WR? Yes, please! He has scored 22 times over the past two seasons, but Adams will set career-high marks in catches and yards this fall.

Etan's #8: Adams might be the least talented receiver in the top 10. He also is in the best situation with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball. In fantasy football, situation and volume outweigh raw talent.

7. Mike Evans - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh's #5: This ranking assumes last year was the outlier, not the normal.

Brian's #8: If you're worried that Jameis Winston's suspension will hurt Evans' fantasy value, you haven't watched enough of Winston. He's not very good, and Ryan Fitzpatrick will take plenty of deep chances toward the Bucs' leading receiver. A rebound season is coming following his disappointing 2017 campaign. The Bucs' offense can't possibly be as broken as it was last year, and Evans can simply be uncoverable at times.

Jason's #9: Last of the elite WRs. Disappointing production in '17 leading to a discount in 2018. Four consecutive years with 1,000 yards and two seasons with 12 TDs. Should rebound after scoring only five times last season. Posted stat lines of 5-92-0, 6-78-0 and 3-95-1 in three games with Ryan Fitzpatrick last year.

Etan's #9: Evans is due for a spike in TDs, right? He received 19 red-zone targets last season and matched Julio's 26.3 conversion rate. Something's gotta give.

8. A.J. Green - Cincinnati Bengals

Josh's #7: Green is a legit stud WR in an offense that has no one else to throw to.

Etan's #7: Green comes into this season the same as any other: A lone elite talent trapped in an offensive wasteland.

Jason's #8: Has been a top-10 WR in four of the past six seasons. Consistent centerpiece of Cincy's offense, Green has finished as a WR3 or better in 76.2 percent of his games.

Brian's #10: Last season was just an awful one for Green on a number of statistical fronts. He should continue to be a target monster as he was during the final month of last season, but Andy Dalton is going to continue to drag him down. Now entering his 30s, I think we've seen Green's best.

9. Keenan Allen - Los Angeles Chargers

Jason's #6: Brutal start to 2017 but hot finish with 798 yards and five scores in his final seven games. Hunter Henry's season-ending injury likely means more volume for Allen, but Mike Williams will steal end zone looks. Health always a concern; Allen missed 23 games through 2015-2016 seasons.

Brian's #6: A gigantic injury risk, but also someone who is going to be a top-five or perhaps top-three WR if he stays healthy, as was the case last year. No Hunter Henry should just lead to more targets for Allen.

Etan's #6: Is there another receiver you can comfortably pencil in for more targets than Allen this season? I don't think so.

Josh's #14: I have him higher in PPRs. His injury history does scare me though.

10. Tyreek Hill - Kansas City Chiefs

Josh's #3: I love all the fantasy football talking heads who say Hill is being drafted at his ceiling even though his current ADP of WR15 is below where he finished last year. Somehow, they forgot that he finshed as the No. 6 WR in standard leagues last year despite playing with check down master Alex Smith at QB.

Brian's #9: He might be more boom-or-bust with first-year starting QB Patrick Mahomes, but, man, Hill's ceiling remains sky-high. We certainly found out this past weekend that Mahomes can reach him from almost 70 yards away, so that's cool.

Jason's #11: 11.3 yards-per-catch efficiency due for regression. Sammy Watkins' addition hurts his upside. Expect Hill to remain a spike-week player based on long TDs. Each of his last 13 touchdowns have come from at least 30 yards out. The Chiefs' bad defense helps his case.

Etan's #14: I don't believe Hill's numbers are unsustainable. Unusual and never seen before? Maybe. But Hill is more than your average deep threat. Physically comparable more to Steve Smith than DeSean Jackson, it's Hill's ball-tracking and contested-catch ability that has me believing he'll be a top-12 talent for a long time. Last year was his first year playing receiver full-time.

11. Adam Thielen - Minnesota Vikings

Josh's #9: I am predicting an uptick in TD's here as last years TD total feels fluky.

Brian's #11: I'm assuming that Kirk Cousins will favor Thielen over Stefon Diggs, but we really don't know. What we do know is that both WRs are extremely talented and you can't really go wrong with either of them as a high-end WR2.

Jason's #12: Will experience an efficiency drop but due for positive TD regression after only four scores on 91 receptions last year. Team-high 17 red-zone targets as well. Will likely lose some targets as new QB Kirk Cousins will look to stretch field more often. Pay for his consistency. Thielen is an elite route runner and has a very high floor each week.

Etan's #13: Good receiver in a good situation, but I expect Kirk Cousins to favor Diggs over him.

12. Stefon Diggs - Minnesota Vikings

Etan's #11: There wasn't a better contested-catch receiver in the NFL last season. He's now paired with a QB who is better at throwing outside the numbers than Case Keenum. Expect Diggs to put the comparisons to Adam Thielen to bed this season, barring injury.

Brian's #12: He was fantasy's No. 17 WR despite missing two games last year. His outlook is certainly better with Kirk Cousins than Case Keenum.

Jason's #13: Coming off of a career year. Cousins helps him more than Thielen because he has more arm strength than Case Keenum. High-end WR1 upside if he can shake the groin injuries. Has missed at least two games in every season he's played.

Josh's #16: Can this talented young man finally put together a huge season?

13. T.Y. Hilton - Indianapolis Colts

Jason's #10: Boom-or-bust impact WR who is reliant on the return of Andrew Luck in 2018. Averages 15.1 PPR points per game when Luck plays, 11.3 when he doesn't. Led NFL in receiving yards in 2016. Drop him 10 picks if there are any questions about Luck's health.

Etan's #10: I'm actually not too sure about this one. In peak Andrew Luck years, T.Y. has been a guaranteed stud. But Luck doesn't look right to me. This ranking may change down the line.

Brian's #13: The Colts haven't taken the reins totally off of Andrew Luck during the preseason, but he's looked well enough that it's OK to start thinking of Hilton as a top-15 wideout again.

Josh's #19: I will probably get burned on Hilton, but I just don't trust Andrew Luck to stay healthy this year.

14. Doug Baldwin - Seattle Seahawks

Etan's #12: The Seahawks' defense will be worse this year than in recent memory. Baldwin should inherit an enormous target share in an offense that may be forced to throw more than its coaches desire.

Jason's #14: Baldwin has finished as a top-13 WR for three consecutive years. Minimal target competition plus Seattle's disintegrating defense are positives. Camp knee injury is a huge concern, but there has been positive news on that front lately.

Josh's #15: Is he going to be healthy? That is the real question here.

Brian's #15: This ranking is a bit of a hedge. It seems like the expectation is his knee issues will be cleared up before Week 1. However, we still have to exercise some caution for now. When healthy, Baldwin should be a target monster on an offense that will probably have to throw more than it wants.

15. Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona Cardinals

Brian's #14: The safest WR2 you could draft, I think he'll produce fine numbers no matter who is under center for the Cardinals.

Jason's #16: Finished as WR11, WR17 and WR9 over the past three years with 100-plus catches in each. Average separation yards improved dramatically in ‘17. The old man can still play and has minimal competition for targets.

Etan's #16: Other than Keenan Allen, Fitz might have the easiest path to a guaranteed large target share. Until he physically shows his age, it's a fool's errand to bet against him.

Josh's #21: I am probably discounting Fitzgerald too much here, but his age scares me. A healthy David Johnson along with the addition of rookie WR Christian Kirk might take away some of his workload.

16. Brandin Cooks - Los Angeles Rams

Josh's #8: I was told last year he wouldn't be a WR1 because the Patriots had too many other receivers around him. Now I'm told the Rams don't throw enough to make Cooks a WR1. Whatever. Keep letting him slide in my drafts, please.

Brian's #20: I like Cooks more in standard leagues than in PPR. His big-play ability is still evident, and now with Sean McVay, I think he will be a fairly consistent producer.

Jason's #22: Perennial top-12 WR likely loses consistency as he heads from pass-first Pats to balanced Rams. Head coach and Creative play caller Sean McVay will find ways to make him productive. Top-tier WR2 upside.

Etan's #22: I expect Cooks to be a lot better than Sammy Watkins was last year, at least in terms of yards gained. Cooper Kupp will still lead the Rams in red-zone targets and should lead them in TDs as well this season.

17. Amari Cooper - Oakland Raiders

Jason's #15: Injuries led to horrible 2017 following two consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. In 2017, he had seven games with fewer than 10 yards receiving. Jon Gruden has promised to feature him in the passing game, so this is a buying opportunity with a deep discount. Top-10 upside here.

Etan's #15: Cooper should eat this season. Jon Gruden has already come out and said as much. People dismissing Cooper due to last season's mishaps are missing the forest for the trees. Amari was in rarefied air through his first two seasons in this league.

Brian's #18: Cooper has youth, talent and a quality QB on his side. However, I am a little concerned about the prospects of the Raiders' offense being too conservative this year.

Josh's #30: Why are we all so sure that he is a top-20 fantasy wideout?

18. Demaryius Thomas - Denver Broncos

Jason's #17: Coming off six-year lows in catch rate and yards per catch. Turns 31 in December. Eroding efficiency, but he owns a secure target share as one of only two established targets in Denver. Trending in the wrong direction for three consecutive years.

Etan's #17: Case Keenum is the best QB that Thomas has had since the year before Peyton Manning retired. However, I just don’t think he's the same player as he was back then. Expect rookie Courtland Sutton to steal a few red-zone looks this year.

Josh's #20: Can DT get back to where he was with Peyton Manning? I'm not sure I buy the "best shape of his life" narrative, but he should still be a quality WR2.

Brian's #27: Case Keenum isn't going to help matters for Broncos wideouts. Specifically for Thomas, he is slowing down entering his age-31 season.

19. JuJu Smith-Schuster - Pittsburgh Steelers

Brian's #17: He was WR18 in just 14 games (seven starts) last season. He remains locked in as the Steelers' No. 2 wideout.

Jason's #18: Smith-Schuster, following a rookie season as a top-20 WR, now has even more opportunity without Martavis Bryant around. Best as a WR3 but has weekly WR2 upside with another stop forward. Antonio Brown limits his upside.

Etan's #19: JuJu might be the most talked-about receiver in the league. He is still, at best, the third option in terms of targets on Pittsburgh, behind Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell.

Josh's #27: I'm not a big fan of JuJu, but he should get enough looks to justify this rank.

20. Marvin Jones - Detroit Lions

Brian's #16: People are knocking him because they believe Kenny Golladay's breakthrough is coming this year. I think that assumption is a little too rash. Jones is very talented and is now putting it all together.

Etan's #20: Jones finished as a WR1 last season with an 18.9 percent target share. I call shenanigans. The increased presence of Kenny Golladay should bring Jones back down to earth.

Josh's #22: Since I can't decide who is better among the Lions' top two wideouts, I'll stack them together ... and end up being wrong on both.

Jason's #23: Jones has ranked 16th and eighth in receiving yards among wideouts during his two years as a Lion. TE Eric Ebron’s exit frees up 86 targets in this high-volume passing offense. Jones led NFL in yards per catch (18.0) in ‘17. Underrated impact player.

21. Allen Robinson - Chicago Bears

Josh's #12: These rankings all have to intertwine and make sense with each other. Otherwise, you are just throwing random numbers out there. So, if Mitch Trubisky is a QB1, the offensive talent around him has to rise up as well.

Etan's #18: Robinson is installed as the No. 1 WR with a QB who we hope is better than Blake Bortles. Time will tell.

Brian's #24: I think we're assuming too much about how easy it will be for Robinson to return from his torn ACL and how good Mitch Trubisky will look in his second year. The targets should be there for him in a rather dreary WR corps, but will many of them outside of the numbers actually be catchable?

Jason's #28: It's bad to bet on a player coming off a torn ACL. Ineffective and/or injured since 2015, but he should receive at least 100 targets this season. High probability of disappearing from week to week. Living on his name and reputation.

22. Josh Gordon - Cleveland Browns

Jason's #19: Game-breaking talent with absurd talent level. Horribly inefficient with a sub-50 catch rate in five games last season. QB Tyrod Taylor and OC Todd Haley could help him crack into his top-10 potential. Classic boom-or-bust pick. Returned to camp this past weekend.

Brian's #19: If he's on the field and being targeted, Gordon is going to fall into WR2 territory in fantasy. He just needs the Browns' QBs to put the ball anywhere near him.

Etan's #24: I don’t know what to make of Josh Gordon. I know his last huge season was 2013 and I also know that Cameron Hayward said he was his toughest cover last year basically off the street. Feeling lucky?

Josh's #26: He reported to camp over the weekend. Thus, Gordon is going to zoom up draft boards. If he can play and his mind is right, he is a WR1 without a doubt.

23. Golden Tate - Detroit Lions

Jason's #20: Always underrated. Steady and consistent, Tate is an elite tackle-breaking receiver who has caught 90-plus balls all four seasons he has spent in Detroit. The Lions' No. 1 target enters this season with contract-year motivation.

Etan's #21: Tate is admittedly better in PPR than standard leagues, but he has been a WR2 or better every year for some time now. I also can't remember him getting seriously injured any time recently.

Josh's #23: Since I can't decide who is better among the Lions' top two wideouts, I'll stack them together ... and end up being wrong on both.

Brian's #26: He's like Jarvis Landry, but with a slightly lower floor and a slightly lower ceiling.

24. Chris Hogan - New England Patriots

Josh's #18: I love how high Tom Brady is on most QB lists while all of his WR threats are down in the WR3 range. Someone other than Gronk has to produce in this offense.

Brian's #21: He was a fantasy star prior to an injury last season, and he will have a giant opportunity to become the No. 1 wideout here while Julian Edelman is serving his ban.

Etan's #26: Aside from Davante Adams, Hogan might be the luckiest WR in the NFL. Installed as Tom Brady's No. 1 wideout, expect Hogan to return value at, dare I say, Round 3 prices?!

Jason's #27: Hogan was a top-10 fantasy WR last year before a midseason injury. Has a lengthy injury history. Will open year as Tom Brady’s No. 1 WR while Julian Edelman is suspended. Clear-cut fantasy WR2 for those first four games with the potential to maintain over the remainder of the season.

25. Jarvis Landry - Cleveland Browns

Jason's #21: Landry is a volume-dependent WR facing volume loss in Cleveland. Will likely serve as the possession option and chain mover opposite Gordon's big-play ability. Any off-field issues with Gordon could increase Landry's opportunities.

Brian's #23: A top-18 fantasy WR through the past three years, so even with some expected amount of decline in Cleveland, he should still be a serviceable WR2.

Etan's #25: I want Landry for the targets he commands. If he adds TDs to his game consistently as he did last season, the sky is the limit for him.

Josh's #35: In non-PPR scoring, Landry has no value to me.

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26. Marquise Goodwin - San Francisco 49ers

Josh's #13: Insane, you say? I actually kind of think this is low. Look at the history of No. 1 wideouts in Kyle Shanahan offenses. Then check back with me.

Brian's #28: OK, I've changed my mind here. I had listed Pierre Garcon above Goodwin in my WR ranks, but for standard leagues, it sounds like Goodwin is the better bet. He will leave you empty on some weeks when the deep shots don't hit. But he has also become a better route runner and is no longer a one-trick pony.

Etan's #32: Goodwin has speed to burn, an unchallenged role atop San Fran's wide receiver depth chart, a competent play caller and a QB who can get him the ball. If there ever was a situation primed for Goodwin to be productive, it's this one.

Jason's #34: A 2017 breakout player who formed a nice rapport with Jimmy G. A big-play threat who averaged 2.9/49.9/0 with Pierre Garcon; 4.5/76.6/0.25 without. Sure to surpass his two touchdowns from last year.

27. Alshon Jeffery - Philadelphia Eagles

Etan's #23: Jeffery's current rank is a function of hoping he plays come Week 1. Rumor is he may start on the PUP list and be out for the first six games. A situation to monitor for sure.

Jason's #26: Finished as WR15 last season despite a 47.5 catch rate. Injuries have led to 11 missed games over the past three years. Top-10 upside if he remains healthy. Long recovery from rotator cuff surgery has Week 1 status in doubt.

Brian's #32: With all of the scary reports recently about Jeffery's shoulder, I'm out on him until further notice.

Josh's #36: I love the player, but I am assuming a trip to the PUP list is in order.

28. Corey Davis - Tennessee Titans

Jason's #24: Has struggled with injuries; rookie season was ruined by hamstring strain. Recorded a 5-63-2 line in playoff loss. He's the Titans' undisputed lead WR, and that offense will score more in 2018. Josh Gordon-level game-breaking talent will translate at the NFL level.

Brian's #25: I'm such a believer in his talent, and the Titans' offense won't be broken like it was for almost all of last season.

Etan's #29: In terms of situation, Davis' spot as the Titans' lead wideout is as unchallenged as he could hope for, but he needs to capitalize on it this year to avoid getting a case of the DeVante Parkers. I heard that's a doozy.

Josh's #42: Davis is hurt by Taywan Taylor's preseason breakout and Rishard Matthews' quiet past success.

29. Emmanuel Sanders - Denver Broncos

Etan's #30: I expect Sanders to outperform Demaryius Thomas this year because i expect Keenum to favor the shorter slot targets he should command. Keenum preferred Adam Thielen to Stefon Diggs last season, and Sanders plays that Theilen role for the Broncos.

Josh's #31: Potential bounce-back candidate? Can he stay healthy?

Brian's #31: See: Demaryius Thomas

Jason's #32: Poised for bounce-back following his most disappointing season. Scored in only one game, missed four others and was largely ineffective in 2017. Slated for more slot work, which is QB Case Keenum’s favorite target area.

30. Michael Crabtree - Baltimore Ravens

Brian's #22: Understand that the Raiders cut him for financial and reported bad-attitude reasons. But on the field, Crabtree is still very solid. He's going to be a great value pick in many drafts.

Etan's #27: The Baltimore Ravens might be in a tie with the Buffalo Bills for the most boring offense in recent memory. But if someone is going to get it done for Joe Flacco and Co., Crabtree has just as good a chance as anyone else. I just felt the same way about Jeremy Maclin last season...

Jason's #29: Legitimate goal-line threat who is the favorite to lead Ravens in targets and receiving touchdowns. Has been outplayed by John Brown in camp, but he's Baltimore’s best red-zone threat. Top-20 WR upside with Joe Flacco as the starter.

Josh's #46: See: Devin Funchess. Replace "Panthers" with "Ravens."

31. Robert Woods - Los Angeles Rams

Josh's #29: There's no love for the Rams' passing game, but Woods will quietly win you a league.

Jason's #31: Underrated after leading Rams in targets per game (6.9) and registering a career-high 65.1 yards per game in his first year in Sean McVay's offense. Showed potential in playoff loss (nine catches, 142 yards). Must expect a few missed games.

Etan's #31: Expect Woods to be the odd man out this season in L.A. His skill set isn't that of a pure slot receiver, and his skills on the outside are inferior to Cooks'. He should still be valuable in all league formats, but I wouldn't count on Woods being anything more than a serviceable WR3/4 this season on a weekly basis.

Brian's #35: 2017 was probably the best we are going to get from Woods. Still, he's a stellar WR4 in a high-scoring offense.

32. Robby Anderson - New York Jets

Josh's #24: What if he doesn't get suspended this year? That makes Robby Anderson a screaming-hot value!

Etan's #34: If Anderson can stay out of trouble, he has a legitimate chance to be viewed as an elite WR1 talent going into this season. He'll have to survive the Jets' QB carousel first though.

Jason's #36: Much better asset than you think. Elite deep threat. Overall WR14 before Josh McCown’s Week 14 injury and finished inside the top 20. Looming suspension likely to hit in 2018. Risk-reward play.

Brian's #37: When he's not suspended, Anderson has the skills to be a week-winning player. But that suspension is coming, and you also have to expect inconsistency.

33. Randall Cobb - Green Bay Packers

Josh's #17: Jordy Nelson's lost production has to go somewhere. I think Cobb has a big year, health permitting.

Jason's #38: His 2017 receiving pace was 96/967/6.4 in five full games with Aaron Rodgers. Averaged six catches per game and is second among wideouts in separation. Should get larger target share with Jordy Nelson gone.

Etan's #39: Cobb should get his this season. Aaron Rodgers can support two top-level WRs.

Brian's #40: I don't think Cobb is going to pick up a lot of the targets left behind by Jordy Nelson. Instead, those should go to Davante Adams, Jimmy Graham and Ty Montgomery.

34. Devin Funchess - Carolina Panthers

Jason's #30: Big-bodied goal-line weapon is the favorite to lead this low-volume passing offense in touchdowns. Contract-year WR had stark splits with and without Greg Olsen in ’17. His breakout last season was legitimate, but he will face far more competition for targets.

Etan's #33: Funchess is still the big body in that Panthers offense. He should still catch his fair share of TDs, but I think Greg Olsen and D.J. Moore will eat into his yardage total this season.

Brian's #34: The Panthers will be better off by employing more of a short-passing attack. That will hurt Funchess' production.

Josh's #45: I guess I have to list a Panthers WR at some point. Funchess it is!

35. Sammy Watkins - Kansas City Chiefs

Jason's #25: Won't be a decoy in KC after signing big free-agent contract this offseason. The No. 4 overall pick in 2014 has a history of inconsistency and injuries. This is his third offensive system in the last three years, but he should be a big part of a high-scoring offense that will be forced into a lot of shootouts.

Etan's #28: Sammy underwhelmed in both Buffalo and Los Angeles, either due to injury, a lack of playbook immersion or simply poor production. It might be time to come to grips with the fact that mayble Buffalo made a mistake in giving up all those draft picks for him.

Brian's #43: He'll post some big stat lines. He'll also have some games when he disappears. Plus, he'll get hurt. Nothing more than a WR4 gamble.

Josh's #50: How many times can Watkins fail to live up to expectations before people get it? I'm not sure, but he won't be drafted by me.

33. Jamison Crowder - Washington Redskins

Brian's #29: Alex Smith is going to absolutely love him.

Jason's #33: Should be a value pick following a disappointing 2017 where TD total dropped from seven to three. The Redskins' change to QB Alex Smith should help him. High floor but low ceiling; solid and consistent weekly production with very few spikes.

Etan's #37: Alex Smith seems like the perfect QB for Crowder. Expect a lot of screens and intermediate receptions coming his way from the conservative QB. I'm calling it now: Smith's deep-ball prowess last year was less about him and more about Tyreek Hill.

37. Sterling Shepard - New York Giants

Brian's #30: If Odell Beckham stays healthy and if Eli Manning can be at least competent, Shepard is going to have a very solid fantasy season.

Josh's #44: There are so many weapons in this Giants offense that Shepard could have a surprise breakout season, thanks to lots of one-on-one looks.

Etan's #44: Struggled last season along with everyone else in that Giants offense. My fear is that he will be the forgotten man in this receiving corps.

38. Will Fuller - Houston Texans

Jason's #35: Runs a 4.32 40-yard dash. Deshaun Watson launched an NFL-high 20 percent of his passes 20-plus yards downfield. Fantastic chemistry between the two led to seven TDs scored in four games despite barely practicing together.

Etan's #38: If Deshaun Watson is the real deal again this year, expect Fuller to benefit the most. If somehow Watson isn't the best QB the world has ever witnessed, I think we'll see more of what we've seen from Fuller prior to his 2017 explosion: inconsistency.

Josh's #43: I don't believe his NFL record TD pace is going to continue, but I'm hedging by just putting him inside my top 50!

Brian's #44: There is no way he will keep up his 2017 pace with Deshaun Watson. He remains a dart-throw WR4 who you hope can cash in on a deep ball.

39. Jordy Nelson - Oakland Raiders

Josh's #25: R.C. Fischer of Fantasy Football Metrics tells me Nelson is moving like the Nelson of old. If that is correct, we have a huge bargain on our hands.

Brian's #38: I want to believe in Jordy. But it looked like his explosiveness was gone last season.

Jason's #42: Now 33, Nelson was fantasy's No. 6 WR before Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury. Don't presume that he'll reach those heights again, but he can still play and is Derek Carr’s best red-zone option. Solid floor, but low ceiling in Oakland's run-heavy offense.

40. Cooper Kupp - Los Angeles Rams

Brian's #33: I love the Rams' offense, but that doesn't mean everyone here is going to be a stud. Instead, Kupp is valuable as a safe WR3/4.

Etan's #36: Kupp is the Rams' No. 1 WR. He led the team in targets, catches, red-zone targets, and third-down targets in 2017. It's rare for a slot guy to be a team's go-to option, but the Rams played 11 personnel 22 percent above the league average last year. They want Kupp out there. There's no reason why that should change.

Jason's #39: Led Rams in targets, red-zone targets, yards per catch and receiving yards as a rookie. Pass-heavy offense rewards excellent route runners like him. Kupp will be the team's red zone weapon in 2018.

41. Pierre Garcon - San Francisco 49ers

Etan's #35: Expect a lot of catches, a decent amount of yards and not many TDs from the ever-reliable Garcon.

Jason's #37: Has been fully cleared following a scary neck injury in 2017. Was on pace for 144 targets before injury. 32-year-old has never scored many TDs despite good size. Marquise Goodwin is now the top dog in 49ers' receiving corps.

Brian's #41: A stronger bet in PPR than in standard leagues, I'm not a big fan of 32-year-old wideouts coming back from a neck injury.

42. Nelson Agholor - Philadelphia Eagles

Brian's #36: Agholor was WR22 last season and could see more action if Alshon Jeffery's ailment lingers.

Jason's #40: Dynamic slot WR who broke out unexpectedly in 2017. After posting career-best numbers across the board, his production will regress, especially TDs. However, his role seems secure.

Etan's #41: If Alshon Jeffery misses time, Agholor should be gifted an excellent opportunity. We'll see if his 2017 was real or a flash in the pan.

43. Rishard Matthews - Tennessee Titans

Josh's #37: Mystery injury aside, I think Matthews comes out as the best of the bunch in the Titans' WR group. Problem is they will all cannibalize each other's value.

Brian's #42: If you are looking for an uber-safe WR4/bye-week fill-in, here's your man.

Etan's #46: Should command a role ahead of Taywan Taylor. I like new things, I do. But overreaction is a real thing, too. Matthews has proven he belongs.

Jason's #50: Surprisingly effective in 2017, he figures to fill the “Robert Woods role” for ex-Rams OC and new Titans OC Matt LaFleur. Limited upside in a low-volume, run-based attack, but Matthews should be a solid WR4 option.

44. Kelvin Benjamin - Buffalo Bills

Josh's #41: What are a million bad red-zone targets worth? My guess is a WR4.

Jason's #43: Abysmal efficiency combined with bad knees, Benjamin possesses minimal athleticism but uses his size well. He's a volume-based WR4/flex option who has minimal target competition in Buffalo.

Etan's #43: The clear No. 1 WR in an NFL offense leads to fantasy points. Sometimes, it really is just that simple.

Brian's #50: Outside of some short TDs, I'm not expecting much from Benjamin. That Bills offense looks like a mess already.

45. Kenny Stills - Miami Dolphins

Brian's #39: He has been decently productive for the past couple of years. Nothing outstanding, but without Jarvis Landry around, he should remain a viable WR3.

Etan's #40: Stills is the Dolphins' No. 1 wideout. Shhhh, don't tell that to DeVante Parker.

Jason's #44: Quietly coming off a career-high 105 targets. No more Jarvis Landry leaves Miami missing 290 targets from last year, but Stills is more of a deep threat. Expect only a slight uptick in production.

46. Julian Edelman - New England Patriots

Jason's #41: Suspended for the first four games. Now 32, age is a factor. Always inefficient, he has proven to be Brady's favorite. Will have WR2 upside upon his return, but there is some downside to consider.

Etan's #42: Tom Brady's go-to target, we'll see if Edelman can rebound sans PEDs. I expect he will.

Brian's #45: Once he returns from suspension, he will probably be a fantasy value player. But you have to survive those four weeks first.

47. Allen Hurns - Dallas Cowboys

Josh's #38: My bet to be the winner of the Cowboys' No. 1 WR derby. That has to mean something.

Etan's #45: See: Kelvin Benjamin.

Jason's #48: Penciled in as the Cowboys’ new No. 1 WR after signing a two-year, $11M deal. Has a long injury history and is hurt already in 2018. Showed potential in first two seasons but has flopped since. Dallas' run-heavy offense limits his upside.

48. Tyler Lockett - Seattle Seahawks

Josh's #32: If Doug Baldwin can't go, this is a screaming-hot value! Even if Baldwin suits up, Lockett isn't bad as a WR3.

Jason's #45: It's put-up or shut-up time. This is Lockett's best opportunity in Seattle. The Seahawks are replacing the sixth-most targets of any team in the NFL. Shootouts are likely with their leaky defense. Plus, Doug Baldwin is already hurt. Wait-and-see sleeper pick.

49. Josh Doctson - Washington Redskins

Josh's #40: This is probably too low. I think Doctson finally becomes the red-zone threat we expected earlier in his career.

Brian's #47: Alex Smith doesn't fit Josh Doctson's big-play skills well, but the two should hook up for a number of touchdowns this year, at least. The bigger question is whether or not Doctson can actually stay on the field.

Etan's #48: A deep-ball, high-point receiver who requires his QB to trust him and to throw it into tight windows. Yeah, I don’t think Alex Smith will favor him.

50. Tyrell Williams - Los Angeles Chargers

Jason's #49: Williams got a big boost in value following TE Hunter Henry's season-ending injury. Second-year wideout Mike Williams has the hype, but Tyrell Williams has the upside potential. Among the top five in yards after catch over the past two seasons. A return to his top-20 WR numbers of 2016 is possible.

Josh's #33: I'm counting on a Keenan Allen injury here. Either that or Williams picking up some of the production left behind by injured TE Hunter Henry.

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