With Week 1 of the NFL's preseason in the books, ASL is giving you its ranking of the top 50 RBs.

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For easy reference, we are putting the table at the top of the article and our team’s player analyses below. We included standard deviation (“Std Dev”) in the table, which is a measure of how well we agree on the ranking of a particular player. A smaller standard deviation indicates greater agreement. Players such as Tarik Cohen and Jay Ajayi have large standard deviations and are likely to present more risk, but also more upside potential. Check out our comments and decide for yourself.

Rank Player Ave Min Max Std Dev Josh Brian Jason Levi
1 Todd Gurley - Los Angeles Rams 1.8 1 2 0.4 2 2 1 2
2 Le’Veon Bell - Pittsburgh Steelers 2.0 1 4 1.2 4 1 2 1
3 David Johnson - Arizona Cardinals 3.0 1 4 1.2 1 3 4 4
4 Ezekiel Elliott - Dallas Cowboys 3.3 3 4 0.4 3 4 3 3
5 Alvin Kamara - New Orleans Saints 6.8 5 8 1.3 8 6 5 8
6 Saquon Barkley - New York Giants 6.8 6 7 0.4 6 7 7 7
7 Leonard Fournette - Jacksonville Jaguars 7.0 5 10 2.1 5 8 10 5
8 Melvin Gordon - Los Angeles Chargers 9.3 5 18 5.2 18 5 8 6
9 Kareem Hunt - Kansas City Chiefs 9.5 6 12 2.3 12 11 6 9
10 Joe Mixon - Cincinnati Bengals 11.5 7 15 3.2 7 10 15 14
11 Christian McCaffrey - Carolina Panthers 12.8 12 15 1.3 15 12 12 12
12 Dalvin Cook - Minnesota Vikings 12.8 9 22 5.4 22 9 9 11
13 Jordan Howard - Chicago Bears 13.0 10 14 1.7 14 14 14 10
14 Devonta Freeman - Atlanta Falcons 13.5 11 17 2.2 17 13 11 13
15 Jerick McKinnon - San Francisco 49ers 15.3 9 21 4.6 9 21 13 18
16 LeSean McCoy - Buffalo Bills 17.3 13 25 4.6 13 25 16 15
17 Kenyan Drake - Miami Dolphins 18.5 15 21 2.2 19 15 21 19
18 Rex Burkhead - New England Patriots 21.5 10 30 7.8 10 19 27 30
19 Lamar Miller - Houston Texans 22.3 16 36 8.1 36 16 20 17
20 Alex Collins - Baltimore Ravens 22.5 17 33 6.2 33 20 17 20
21 Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans 22.8 18 28 4.3 26 18 19 28
22 Mark Ingram - New Orleans Saints 22.8 20 26 2.4 20 24 26 21
23 Jay Ajayi - Philadelphia Eagles 25.3 16 50 14.3 50 17 18 16
24 Tevin Coleman - Atlanta Falcons 25.5 22 28 2.3 25 22 28 27
25 Carlos Hyde - Cleveland Browns 26.3 16 39 8.3 16 27 39 23

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Rank Player Ave Min Max Std Dev Josh Brian Jason Levi
26 Marshawn Lynch - Oakland Raiders 26.3 22 35 5.3 35 26 22 22
27 Rashaad Penny - Seattle Seahawks 27.0 24 30 2.2 28 30 24 26
28 Royce Freeman - Denver Broncos 28.0 23 33 4.5 24 32 23 33
29 Chris Thompson - Washington Redskins 29.8 23 38 6.4 34 23 38 24
30 Tarik Cohen - Chicago Bears 30.5 11 38 11.3 11 37 36 38
31 Dion Lewis - Tennessee Titans 32.8 27 41 5.4 27 34 29 41
32 Marlon Mack - Indianapolis Colts 32.8 21 39 7.4 21 39 32 39
33 Ronald Jones - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34.3 25 47 8.6 37 28 25 47
34 Chris Carson - Seattle Seahawks 35.8 25 45 8.9 45 29 44 25
35 Isaiah Crowell - New York Jets 35.8 33 38 1.8 38 36 33 36
36 Jamaal Williams - Green Bay Packers 35.8 30 42 5.3 30 40 31 42
37 Peyton Barber - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 37.5 29 47 7.7 47 31 43 29
38 Duke Johnson - Cleveland Browns 38.3 32 51 7.6 51 33 37 32
39 Samaje Perine - Washington Redskins 38.3 29 46 6.1 29 38 40 46
40 Kerryon Johnson - Detroit Lions 38.5 35 42 2.7 40 42 35 37
41 Sony Michel - New England Patriots 39.5 30 51 7.9 42 35 30 51
42 C.J. Anderson - Carolina Panthers 40.8 34 51 7.2 51 44 34 34
43 Devontae Booker - Denver Broncos 44.0 40 52 4.7 52 43 41 40
44 D'Onta Foreman - Houston Texans 44.0 23 52 12.1 23 51 50 52
45 Aaron Jones - Green Bay Packers 44.5 31 52 8.1 49 52 46 31
46 Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns 44.8 42 48 2.4 48 46 42 43
47 Ty Montgomery - Green Bay Packers 46.3 41 50 3.3 46 41 48 50
48 Doug Martin - Oakland Raiders 47.0 31 53 9.3 31 53 51 53
49 Josh Adams - Philadelphia Eagles 48.0 32 54 9.3 32 54 52 54
50 LeGarrette Blount - Detroit Lions 49.0 35 55 8.1 53 55 53 35


1. Todd Gurley - Los Angeles Rams

Jason's #1: Averaged 21.3 points per game in '17. Huge growth as an every-down RB in his first year with head coach Sean McVay, especially as a receiver. A little safer than Le'Veon Bell, but a it's a pick 'em at the top.

Josh's #2: There's a perfectly fine argument for him to be No. 1. I just think Johnson has a little more juice.

Brian's #2: It wouldn't shock me if Gurley actually got more work this season.

2. Le’Veon Bell - Pittsburgh Steelers

Brian's #1: Consider yourself fortunate if you have a top-four pick in drafts this season. I think there is a clear quartet who are a cut above the rest. For me, Bell remains the best of the best.

Jason's #2: Dominant force in the backfield with contract-year motivation. Multi-tool weapon has more than 1,850 yards from scrimmage in three of the last four years. He has a top-tier run-blocking O-line in front of him.

Josh's #4: Bell is just fine. Holdouts always just make me a little nervous and fearful that they could lead to nagging injuries.

3. David Johnson - Arizona Cardinals

Josh's #1: Any of the top four backs could end up No. 1 overall, but only one of them has a legit chance to be a 1,000-yard receiver and rusher. I like Johnson more in PPR leagues, but he is fine here as well.

Brian's #3: If Johnson was coming off a knee, back, ankle, neck or any kind of lower-body soft-tissue ailment, maybe he wouldn't be this high. But a surgically-repaired wrist? Not worried in the slightest about this workhorse.

Jason's #4: Led NFL in total yards & TDs in 2016. 20-plus TDs won’t happen again. Has averaged only 3.63 yards per carry since mid-2016. Great hands out of the backfield and will serve as an outlet for dump-off specialist Sam Bradford.

4. Ezekiel Elliott - Dallas Cowboys

Josh's #3: I prefer Le'Veon Bell in PPR leagues at No. 3, but I prefer Zeke here in standard formats. The entire Cowboys offense will run through him.

Jason's #3: Will get all the work he can handle. The Cowboys' rebuilt O-line helps, but there is a lack of talent around him. Won't add much on the receiving front, but Elliott has the potential to lead the league in TDs and yards.

Brian's #4: The Cowboys are going to absolutely run him into the ground this season. That may not be great for his long-term future, but those in redraft leagues will take every bit Zeke gives them.

5. Alvin Kamara - New Orleans Saints

Jason's #5: He has the upside to be the overall RB1 in PPR with more than 100 catches possible. Would have ranked as the 24th-best WR in '17 with 826 yards and five TDs receiving. A decline in efficiency should be expected, but he should also see an increase of 4-6 touches per game.

Brian's #6: I'm so interested to see how the Saints use him during Mark Ingram's suspension. Imagine what he could do with 20 touches per game for at least a short while. He maxed out at 19 during his amazing rookie year.

Josh's #8: I strongly worry about a regression in TDs. This is another guy I like more in PPR, but I am not nearly as high on Kamara as everyone else.

6. Saquon Barkley - New York Giants

Josh's #6: He is an absolute freak, and should get all the touches in his offense as well. I worry about him having a typical rookie slow down in the fantasy playoffs.

Brian's #7: Let's not anoint him as the league's best running back because of one preseason run. Still, that play kind of gave you everything Barkley offers: agility, power and speed. He's only this "low" because he is still a rookie.

Jason's #7: Has a workhorse role, and the lead RB always produces in Pat Shurmur's offense. A multi-tool talent with elite rushing-receiving skill set who could be better than advertised. The Giants are better than you think on offense.

7. Leonard Fournette - Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh's #5: Everyone is afraid of him because of his injury history. I understand that. However, he is the focal point of the entire Jags offense. There isn't a better bet to lead the NFL in total touches.

Brian's #8: Still worried about his ankle problems, but there's no doubting who the Jags will turn to at the goal line. Plus, I think he'll be a bigger factor in the passing game this season.

Jason's #10: He's as talented as Ezekiel Elliott, but injury concerns are a huge factor. Owns top-five upside if healthy. Threat to lead the league in TDs behind a top-five run-blocking line. The last of the elite RB options at this No. 10 spot.

8. Melvin Gordon - Los Angeles Chargers

Brian's #5: Once you're done complaining about his per-carry averages, realize that Gordon is only 25, is a true dual-threat player, has been a top-eight fantasy RB for the past two seasons, is going to get 300-plus touches and has scored 24 times since 2016. If the Chargers' offensive line can just stay relatively healthy for once, he could be in for a career year.

Jason's #8: Ultra-consistent grinder has posted at least RB2 totals in 24 of 29 games over the past two years. Ranks among the top three in carries inside the 5 in back-to-back years. This is Chicago's best O-line of his career. Has missed five games over last two seasons.

Josh's #18: Is this the year the Chargers get tired of his 3 yards per carry? We will see. I know I won't be drafting him.

9. Kareem Hunt - Kansas City Chiefs

Jason's #6: NFL rushing leader will remain the centerpiece of Andy Reid's offense. Breakaway speed led to an NFL-high 19 runs of more than 15 yards. Inexperienced QB and Spencer Ware not really concerning.

Brian's #11: Not sure how much work Hunt will lose to Spencer Ware this season, but I think that will definitely be a factor. Betting on a 2017 repeat is a fool's errand.

Josh's #12: Hunt is fine, but I think he will be splitting time more than people envision. He did not handle his every-down role that well as the season wore on last year.

10. Joe Mixon - Cincinnati Bengals

Josh's #7: Mixon is an RB1 that you can get in the second or third round. He helps me shape my entire draft strategy.

Brian's #10: A little boom-or-bust, but I am absolutely sold on his talent. Mixon has top-five upside.

Jason's #15: High-volume option received 17.6 carries per game before injury in Week 12. Limited production behind awful offensive line. Extremely effective pass-catcher. Breakout candidate if he can be slightly more efficient.

11. Christian McCaffrey - Carolina Panthers

Brian's #12: McCaffrey may see only 13-15 touches per game, but he is such a dynamic player that if the Panthers give him less than that -- as they often did last season -- it'll be a missed opportunity. C.J. Anderson will steal some short touchdowns, but CMC scored just seven times last year and was a top-15 RB.

Jason's #12: Role wont change much in '18 even with C.J. Anderson serving as the hammer. A receiving specialist who tallied 80 receptions and 651 yards a a rookie, ranking as the RB10 in PPR formats, RB15 in non-PPR. Expect slightly better numbers this season.

Josh's #15: I don't think C.J. Anderson is a threat to McCaffrey's dominant role in the Panthers' offense. He is a PPR RB1 this year and could be a standard-league one as well.

12. Dalvin Cook - Minnesota Vikings

Brian's #9: He averaged about 14 fantasy points per through his first four games before his knee injury. All recent reports on his recovery have been positive. He might start the season slowly as the Vikes play it cautiously with their franchise RB, but Cook is definitely an RB1.

Jason's #9: This David Johnson clone is a dual threat who had a heavy usage pattern during his first year prior to an ACL tear. Pat Shurmur's departure is a concern, but a strong defense and soft schedule will lead to short fields and scoring opportunities.

Josh's #22: Even if his surgically repaired knee is fine, I think the Vikings watch his usage. Latavius Murray is talented in his own right. This is more of a timeshare than people are thinking.

13. Jordan Howard - Chicago Bears

Josh's #14: Goal-line guy in what may be the league's best offense. My only concern is the role Tarik Cohen will have. However, if the Saints can have two RB1s as they did last year, the Bears could turn the trick in 2018.

Brian's #14: He's not an exciting pick, but Howard is a solid 20-touch back, and he should be better utilized this season in an improved offense.

Jason's #14: Two-down back who won't contribute as a receiver, but Howard is an underrated backfield threat after racking up the third-most yards over last two seasons. Needs to score TDs to be effective.

14. Devonta Freeman - Atlanta Falcons

Jason's #11: Simply not used as much in 2017 with 12 or fewer carries in each of his last 10 games. Falcons are due for positive TD regression. Freeman is a sneaky value pick. Finished as RB1 in 2015 and RB6 in 2016.

Brian's #13: Is Freeman already starting to wear down at 26? I think so. Is he still talented and the lead RB on a good offense? Definitely.

Josh's #17: I simply don't love his talent. I do love his workload, but I will probably never be drafting him.

15. Jerick McKinnon - San Francisco 49ers

Josh's #9: I don't believe for a second that the 49ers' backfield will be a timeshare. McKinnon will be the man. I like him even better in PPR.

Jason's #13: Expected to be a workhorse for the 49ers after signing a big contract, but his past numbers are a concern. McKinnon has never taken more than 159 carries in a season. Only 3.59 yards per carry over past two seasons. Matt Breida will be a factor at the goal line Keep an eye on his recent calf injury.

Brian's #21: Thought the hype surrounding McKinnon was too much to begin with; Matt Breida and perhaps Joe Williams will make an impact here. I've knocked McKinnon down a few spots due to his current calf strain.

16. LeSean McCoy - Buffalo Bills

Josh's #13: If Shady plays this year, I think he is a solid RB1. If I am drafting today, I assume he will play all 16 games. I could drastically cut him if more news comes out.

Jason's #16: Negative production trend and turns 30 in 2018. Expect continued fluctuations in production from game-to-game. Worst team around him ever with few scoring chances playing for league worst offense.

Brian's #25: I have no idea what to do with McCoy. This is pretty much a placeholder rank. Still a lot of questions surrounding him that need to be answered

17. Kenyan Drake - Miami Dolphins

Brian's #15: I don't love Kenyan Drake, but he is much more effective at this point than Frank Gore, for certain. There will be some inconsistency here, but in the end, you could do a lot worse at RB2.

Jason's #21: Drake and Frank Gore are likely to share backfield duties after Drake finished 2017 with a flurry, averaging 118.8 yards per game over the last five weeks. Makes an impact as a runner and receiver, but usage concerns cap his potential.

Josh's #19: Early this offseason, Drake was one of my favorite RBs to grab. Right now, he terrifies me. I am not sure he will get as many touches as I would like.

18. Rex Burkhead - New England Patriots

Josh's #10: Here's my first "off the rails" pick. Burkhead is going to be the man on the goalline from first blush this year. Sony Michel won't put any pressure at all on him. I see a back-end RB1 here.

Brian's #19: I was already fairly sunny on Burkhead prior to Sony Michel's injury. With the rookie's knees being a major question, I think Burkhead is the most apt RB in New England to lead what everyone knows will be a committee.

Jason's #27: Clear chance to steal the lead-back role with Sony Michel's injury. Sneaky pass catcher with goal-line skills, he will be in a timeshare situation regardless of status of those around him. Solid FLEX appeal.

19. Lamar Miller - Houston Texans

Brian's #16: I'm very optimistic on Miller because of how productive he was with Deshaun Watson last year and because the Texans' backfield behind him is a mix of injured and marginally talented players right now. He's another RB who should be used more as a pass catcher.

Jason's #20: Very high usage rate despite inefficiency over the past two seasons. Was highly efficient in Miami. An excellent pass catcher who was much better with Deshaun Watson on the field in 2017. Rumors that he will be replaced are overblown.

Josh's #36: Even if I am wrong and Foreman isn't good to go come Week 1, where's the upside with Miller?

20. Alex Collins - Baltimore Ravens

Jason's #17: Likely bell-cow runner who averaged 19.2 touches after Week 8. Baltimore's run-first offense with strong defense will offer him short fields and scoring chances. Underrated breakout candidate.

Brian's #20: I am kind of cooling on Collins because if the Ravens keep Buck Allen and Kenneth Dixon, he could really become a one-dimensional player.

Josh's #33: I guess most people think he will be getting the lead-back work in Baltimore, but I'm not sure. Collins trades at too high of a price for me to pay.

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21. Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans

Brian's #18: The Dion Lewis signing takes a bite out of Henry's value, but he should be operating as the league back in a much-improved offense.

Jason's #19: Jordan Howard-lite who brings big upside with double-digit TD potential. Expected positive TD regression and a soft schedule lead to breakthrough year. Tennessee's run-first offense means plenty of touches for both he and Dion Lewis.

Josh's #26: What will the Titans' backfield timeshare look like? I don't know, but a timeshare RB in what I project to be an average offense doesn't appeal to me.

22. Mark Ingram - New Orleans Saints

Josh's #20: Ingram should have a great year once he returns from his suspension. Depending on when he comes off the board, he could be one of the better values in your draft.

Brian's #24: If you can survive his suspension, he could be a championship-winning player for a lot of fantasy teams.

Jason's #26: Large range of outcomes possible following suspension. Could return to RB1 status for a powerful offense or become a change-of-pace back behind Kamara. Fantasy's RB6 in 2017, Ingram is the classic risk-reward pick.

23. Jay Ajayi - Philadelphia Eagles

Brian's #17: The best RB in the Eagles' backfield, undoubtedly. He should get 15-plus touches per game and has a clear road to all of the short-TD chances.

Jason's #18: LeGarrette Blount is now in Detroit, leaving Ajayi as the main backfield threat in Philly. He runs behind the best O-line in the game and is a solid pass receiver. Contract=year motivation. Some injury concerns. Breakout candidate.

Josh's #50: I consider Ajayi undraftable, but I wanted to put him on my list to talk about how bad he is. We are talking about a running back who is not very talented as the member of a timeshare, at best. What exactly did you see from him last year that made you want to draft him?

24. Tevin Coleman - Atlanta Falcons

Brian's #22: He's been an RB2-worthy back for the past two seasons despite not getting more than 183 touches in either year. I just want to own him in case something happens to Devonta Freeman, because then the value here will be fantastic.

Josh's #25: Coleman is talented enough to make an impact with even 10 carries per game.

Jason's #28: A top-10 RB if Devonta Freeman is ever fell be injury. 10.7 touches per game with Freeeman healthy. Contract season adds incentive, but his value is based completely on opportunity. Low-end FLEX when all are healthy. Buy on his upside.

25. Carlos Hyde - Cleveland Browns

Josh's #16: Wow, Nick Chubb looked bad the other night. Hyde is an RB1 waiting to happen; he just needs the touches.

Brian's #27: He'll be the leader in Cleveland, but Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson will continue often as well.

Jason's #39: Nominal starter in a three-man backfield. Browns want Nick Chubb to win the job, but it's likely Hyde sees at least half the work here. Could get phased out if Cleveland experiences another lost season. Has a lengthy injury history.

26. Marshawn Lynch - Oakland Raiders

Jason's #22: Slow start to 2017 suppressed overall numbers. Knocked the rust off and averaged 4.69 YPC & 99.7 total yards/game in final 6 weeks of 2017. Not a pass catcher. Perennial disappointment Martin not a threat.

Brian's #26: I'm worried about his age and the fact that we have no earthly idea how this Raiders offense is going to operate.

Josh's #35: Along with Doug Martin, here's the other half of what I assume will be a timeshare in Oakland. Probably not ever paying the price to roster him.

27. Rashaad Penny - Seattle Seahawks

Jason's #24: He'd be 10 spots higher on this list if he was on another team. Faces stiff competition, with Chris Carson outplaying him so far, increasing his bust potential. A high-level talent running behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Overhyped and overvalued.

Josh's #28: Penny will head the Seahawks' running game. I just don't know why we care about it.

Brian's #30: See: Chris Carson.

28. Royce Freeman - Denver Broncos

Jason's #23: A seemingly undervalued 230-pound beast who has Devontae Booker as his only competition and 300-plus carries to fill. Great third-round RB2. Draft aggressively.

Josh's #24: Freeman is going to take over the Broncos' backfield. It's just a matter of time.

Brian's #32: I'm having a hard time warming up to anyone in Denver's offense. I think this team could be a wreck this season, headed by 2017 fluke Case Keenum.

29. Chris Thompson - Washington Redskins

Brian's #23: He won't see a huge bump in touches with Derrius Guice gone, but don't forget that he was a top-15 fantasy RB on a per-game basis last season. Maybe that's as good as he'll ever be, but he won't fall off the map.

Josh's #34: Thompson is a weapon, but can you count on him to stay healthy long enough to matter during your fantasy playoffs?

Jason's #38: A receiving specialist coming off a broken leg, but Thompson has a defined impact role at the goal line. Was a legitimate fantasy starter in 2017 before injury. Derrius Guice's injury opens the door to more upside. Nice backup/bench option in PPR leagues.

30. Tarik Cohen - Chicago Bears

Josh's #11: Cohen is a nuclear weapon waiting to be unleashed. I am even higher on him in PPR.

Jason's #36: An explosive all-purpose back had 53 catches as a rookie and could be in line for more in 2018 with creative playcaller at the helm. Brings solid weekly floor in PPR with sizeable upside potential.

Brian's #37: He would be much higher up on this list if I had an inkling that the Bears would going to use him more than 5-8 times per game. Unfortunately, I just don't think he's built to take on much more than that.

31. Dion Lewis - Tennessee Titans

Josh's #27: The other half of the Titans' committee and the player whose price I might be willing to pay.

Jason's #29: Lewis will split carries in a run-first offense, but Derrick Henry will own the action inside the 20. Lewis will be designated pass catcher and should get enough carries to make him solid a weekly FLEX option.

Brian's #34: Another guy who is better in PPR than in standard, but it's clear that the Titans are not going to let Derrick Henry be a true bell cow in 2018.

32. Marlon Mack - Indianapolis Colts

Josh's #21: If carries are king, we have to like Mack as much as Devonta Freeman or Melvin Gordon. I assume that his hamstring injury is relatively minor, as everyone has said so far.

Jason's #32: Favorite to be the Colts' lead back to start the season but as part of a three-man rotation. Showed some flash in 2017, but Colts drafting two new backfield options is telltale. Preseason hamstring injury clouds picture.

Brian's #39: The more I read, the more I consider this Colts backfield to be a fantasy headache waiting to happen. Mack is in the proverbial lead because of his one extra year of experience in front of Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins. But if he can't stay healthy -- he's got a hamstring problem at the moment -- he could lose his standing in this backfield quickly.

33. Ronald Jones - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jason's #25: Peyton Barber will be a big factor, especially if Jones struggles in pass protection. The rookie was not much of a receiver in high school or college. Lots of talent, but unsure role. Upside pick that carries a lot of risk.

Brian's #28: I am buying the talk about Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber being even. I put Jones above Barber simply because I think he's more talented.

Josh's #37: The Bucs have been telling us for years that their latest RB draft pick is going to dominate the league. I'm not a Jones fan.

34. Chris Carson - Seattle Seahawks

Brian's #29: Someone has to start in Seattle and I'll hedge toward Carson. Regardless, behind what is still a bad O-line, I don't think any Seahawks RB will be more than an RB3 this season.

Jason's #44: An underrated performer who is already pushing Rashaad Penny for lead-back duties. Sleeper candidate with high upside as a hold on your bench. He's unstartable without a defined role.

Josh's #45: If Carson hangs on to the starting job, he is a screaming-hot value here.

35. Isaiah Crowell - New York Jets

Jason's #33: Lots of competition for carries with production likely fluctuating substantially from week to week. Solid pass catcher and could get majority of the goal-line work. There is upside here, but track his usage in the preseason.

Brian's #36: If you need 60 yards, Crowell can give you 60 yards. If you need 100 yards, Crowell can give you 60 yards.

Josh's #38: A probable lead back, but I'm not sure what that looks like for the Jets.

36. Jamaal Williams - Green Bay Packers

Josh's #30: Jamaal will win this starting job either outright or at least after Ty Montgomery gets hurt.

Jason's #31: Solid breakout candidate that should lead the Packers' backfield in carries following his late-season average of 20.4 touches per game. Solid receiver out of the backfield, but a three-way timeshare including Ty Montgomery and Aaron Jones caps Williams' ceiling.

Brian's #40: He'll probably have the best chance to be the Pack's early-down runner while Aaron Jones is serving a suspension. There's no doubt that I'd rather own Ty Montgomery in PPRs.

37. Peyton Barber - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brian's #31: It's early, but I'm clearly already bracing for a full-blown timeshare to develop in Tampa Bay's backfield.

Jason's #43: Multi-talented player who is good at everything, great at nothing. Ronald Jones will likely get more carries over the course of the season, but Barber will have a role, potentially a big one. Solid sleeper candidate.

Josh's #47: It sounds like Barber is still going to play a role in the Bucs' offense. If that’s the case, you may get some bye-week flex value out of him.

38. Duke Johnson - Cleveland Browns

Brian's #33: A PPR dynamo, the addition of Hyde, who is a suitable receiver, complicates matters in all formats for The Duke.

Jason's #37: Virtual lock for 10 touches per game, no more, no less. Makes the most of them, racking up 74 catches, 693 yards and seven TDs in 2017. Expect efficiency regression, but a solid bench option nonetheless.

39. Samaje Perine - Washington Redskins

Josh's #29: I love Samaje Perine, even after his rough rookie season. Derrius Guice's injury opens a door here, and I think Perine smashes through it.

Brian's #38: In the wake of Derrius Guice's season-ending injury, someone has to become the Redskins' new early-down favorite. I'll go with Perine only because I don't think he's as sluggish as Rob Kelley. But it'll be difficult to enjoy owning either player.

Jason's #40: Flamed out in 2017 but gets another shot due to Derrius Guice's injury. Chris Thompson is going to see most of the high leverage situations, but Perine could surprise. Sleeper candidate, but possibly being overdrafted based on the Guice news.

40. Kerryon Johnson - Detroit Lions

Jason's #35: This rookie has an undefined role in 2018. Upside, but a broad range of outcomes. There's sleeper appeal if he wins the job outright, but more likely is that he just gets the dirty work while LeGarrette Blount and Theo Riddick steal the high-value touches.

Josh's #40: His draft status says Johnson is the guy to own in Detroit, but I think he may be the least talented back on the roster. Regardless, you are paying a heavy price for a player with a lot of questions surrounding him and his role.

Brian's #42: He could be very valuable this season, but I'd feel a lot better about him if the Lions cut LeGarrette Blount.

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41. Sony Michel - New England Patriots

Jason's #30: Lots of concerns going in. Currently injured, a history of fumble issues and playing for a coaching staff that likes to mix-and-match. Usage likely to be erratic, but big upside if he runs away with the job at some point.

Brian's #35: If he returns relatively early in the season, I have to believe Michel will have a big talent advantage over the rest of the Pats' backfield and end up as the most productive player there. However, the uncertainty over the state of his knee makes him more of an RB3 gamble in redrafts at this point.

Josh's #42: I assume that by the end of the year, Michel will work himself into a role. He could pay dividends during your fantasy playoffs.

42. C.J. Anderson - Carolina Panthers

Jason's #34: A veteran who has proven he can carry the load elsewhere and could get more action than expected. Should outperform Jonathan Stewart, who was among the top 10 in carries inside the 5-yard line. Production likely TD-dependent.

Brian's #44: Yeah, C.J. could get 5-7 scores. That is assuming those goal-line looks aren't stolen by Cam Newton first.

43. Devontae Booker - Denver Broncos

Jason's #41: Pass-catching specialist has flamed out when overexposed previously. Likely just a change-of-pace and third-down specialist in 2018. Sleeper candidate if Royce Freeman falters.

Brian's #43: He'll compete with Royce Freeman, but I think Booker ends up as a change-of-pace runner, nothing more.

44. D'Onta Foreman - Houston Texans

Josh's #23: If Foreman is fully recovered from his Achilles tear by the time this season kicks off, he will put Lamar Miller out of a job.

Jason's #50: He's tough to draft as he's still making it back from his Achilles rupture. He might even miss the first few games An upside play when he returns and could steal the starting job.

45. Aaron Jones - Green Bay Packers

Jason's #46: Most dynamic of the Packers' backfield options, but a two-game suspension puts a damper on that excitement. Likely just a change-of-pace player worth 8-10 carries a week in a powerful offense.

Josh's #49: Picking the Packers' lead back correctly is incredibly difficult, but if you get it right, that could pay huge dividends. Jones' suspension hurts his chances, but I'd still take a shot on him.

46. Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns

Jason's #42: Browns want Chubb to win backfield job, but this is likely to be a committee. He's worthy of a bench spot as Carlos Hyde has proven to be injury-prone, and Duke Johnson is solely a third-down specialist.

Brian's #46: Can anyone tell me what Chubb's role is on the Browns right now? I'll wait.

Josh's #48: He simply looked really bad in his first live action. I reserve the right to change this ranking, but for now, I think Hyde is the man in Cleveland's backfield.

47. Ty Montgomery - Green Bay Packers

Brian's #41: I think he is actually the best player in the Green Bay backfield, but I don't think the coaching staff shares my viewpoint. This will be a committee all the way through and, I imagine, without much week-to-week clarity.

Josh's #46: Ty can win you a few fantasy matchups before he gets hurt and goes back on the shelf.

Jason's #48: Pass-catching specialist in three-headed backfield may have a role out of the gate, but it will evaporate quickly. He will be fighting for scraps for most of the season and can't be counted on.

48. Doug Martin - Oakland Raiders

Josh's #31: I think Doug Martin will take Lynch's job or at least make this a timeshare. Given that, I'd rather pay his price than Lynch's.

Brian's #50: Martin is worth a speculative pick just in case Marshawn Lynch is cooked at age 32. That's certainly not inconceivable.

49. Josh Adams - Philadelphia Eagles

Josh's #32: Another Fantasy Football Metrics find, Adams was incredibly impressive in the Eagles' preseason opener. Given he was undrafted, there is a 50 percent chance the coaches don't care and cut him anyway. However, he is a much better athlete than the terrible Jay Ajayi

50. LeGarrette Blount - Detroit Lions

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