Football Stat Manna is a project that drops statistical nuggets from the world of pro and college football. We find numbers, data, or trends that are odd or surprising, and we drop them randomly throughout the day on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are the five most viewed and shared football stats from Football Stat Manna last week:


5) Nick Foles' last 4 seasons, minus the Rams debacle season: 15-4 record, 43 TDs/12 INTs

4) Emmanuel Sanders' TDs per season over his career, less Peyton's historic 2014 campaign: 2-2-1-6-6-5 (3.7 avg)

3) Jerick McKinnon's catches per game his last 20 games = 2.9 per game, Matt Forte 2.5 in the same span

2) Travis Kelce TDs in a season the last three years (2014-2016): 5-5-4

1) Tevin Coleman has rushed for 65 or more yds in a game twice in his last 27 games


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