Rookie Draft Target

ASL’s Chad Samuels talks about the Rookies you should avoid in rounds one and two of your rookie drafts.

Jeremy Langford

ASL's Zefter Adams gives examples of how you might be able to identify value running backs before everyone else.

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Andrew Luck Colts

Training camps are opening and the NFL news mill is picking up speed. ASL's Brian Murphy succinctly recaps some of this week's biggest fantasy stories.


Be sure these injury concerned players won't hurt your team.

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Rookie Draft Target

ASL’s Chad Samuels talks about how to manage and win the third round of your rookie draft. There is value to be had can you seize it?

Robert Woods

Looking for some late-round lottery tickets? We have put together our list of the most promising late-round picks that could pay off big for your fantasy team.


Suspensions, arrests, police investigations -- and if there's any room left, some actual stuff about football -- make up this week's NFL News Roundup.

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