ASL Willard Simms gives you his 5 must-play players to pick up on waivers or play in your weekly fantasy basketball contests.

ASL's Willard Simms gives you his thirteen value picks for Yahoo Weekly Fantasy Basketball Contests

Is your team a playoff contender? Don't let your team fizzle. ASL's Willard Simms gives you his five players to help in the stretch run.

With NBA trades and players coming back from injury, it's time to make some fantasy moves. Here are Willard Simm's 5 "Must-Adds"!

ASL's Willard Simms says Tobias Harris' stock isn't going to stay high for very long, so trade him now before it's too late.

With Lakers' Lonzo Ball's long term injury and possible trade away, ASL's Ernesto Delgado explains why Rajon Rondo should be on your radar.

Nets guard D’Angelo Russell should be owned in 100% of fantasy leagues and you should give up the house to get him.

Second year Hawks forward John Collins has been a force of nature during the first half of the season and the second half will be even better.

ASL's Ernesto Delgado says fantasy owners need to take a long hard look at adding Toronto's Danny Green.

As we creep closer to the NBA All-Star break, ASL's Willard Simms has the players you need to give your fantasy roster a kick start.