What Position Is James Wiseman (GSW)?

In another era James Wiseman is a stretch PF who should play off a traditional C. The C would play under the post while Wiseman works midrange and as a weak side blocker lurking for rebounds.

In the modern NBA all 4's have to stretch the floor to the 3PT line pushing Wiseman to the #5.

He is an adequate 5 but struggles to anchor the paint on defense or offense. This made him replaceable to the Golden State Warriors. As the #5 evolves to become a shooter now too (see Jokic) what becomes of Wiseman(a midrange post up player) in the all out spaced out 5, with everyone on the perimeter?

Why Don't First Round Picks Matter Anymore? 

I wish the 2K trade engine could keep up with the times. Two or three 1st round picks as an offer for a superstar is almost insulting these days. What happened? When did we get to that point that Rudy Gobert is worth four 1st round picks?

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The Decline Of The NCAA As A Supply Pipeline

I recently wrote a first round lottery report and came to a surprise realization. Very few of these players were well-rounded in their skill set. This is because it takes years for players to figure out how best their play style contributes to a team, if they even fit that particular team. These days kids don't stay long enough at the college level for their coaches to solve this complex issue. Coaches used to have years to polish players and have them assimilate into their squad. Those days are long gone and the NBA GM's know it. A player a year removed from High School just isn't ready to contribute to a winning project right now.

Smart teams like the Warrior's or old school Moreyball Rockets responded by turning their G-League teams into defacto college development teams. This is a really smart move and it reminds me of youth football (soccer for some ⚽). The team gets to recruit the player profiles the system prefers and teach them their style from the beginning. It makes integration into the senior/main team so much easier, e.g. Jordan Poole or Clint Capela

NBA GM's know very few rookie's will move the needle for their team and would rather package these picks for a player who can contribute today and not a player with potential out in the distance.

The Rudy Gobert Trade

Rudy Gobert to Minnesota for Malik Beasley, Patrick Beverley, Leandro Bolmaro, Walker Kessler, Jarred Vanderbilt and a total of four 1st round picks


If It Works: Gobert will anchor the paint on offense and defense pushing KAT to stretch PF. KAT is maybe the best shooter his size and won't struggle to make the transition. Gobert isn't the best offensive player but can hide as 3rd option scorer behind KAT and Ant 🐜. Gobert and Edwards actually form a great dynamic defensive duo on both the paint and perimeter. 

If It Doesn't Work: Gobert is a sore thumb on offense and the Timberwolves offense jams when you stop one of KAT or ANT as they don't have a reliable scorer outside that duo. Gobert blocks driving lanes due to his inability to play anywhere offensively other than under the basket. A lack of depth should also be a question as the intensity has to be maintained throughout the game with or without the big 3.