Winning DFS Starts With Top Projections & Information

Quality Projections*

  • Get the best accuracy based on multiple quality projection sources
  • Receive optimized DFS lineups for each source
  • Receive an additional optimized DFS lineup from your blend of all sources

Injury and Other Information

  • Receive important player information from multiple additional sources
  • Get current injury and game time decision information to help you eliminate risky plays
  • Get batting order and opposing pitcher information for baseball

Detailed Update Information

  • Click on any fantasy point projection to get more information
  • See when a projection was last checked and when it last changed
  • See specifically where a projection came from

* Actual projection providers for each sport might change.

You Have Unique & Powerful Controls

Parallel Player Lock

  • Lock a player across all lineups in parallel
  • Get re-optimized DFS lineups automatically when you click lock
  • Look at the optimized lineup from each provider and decide one player at a time to build your winning DFS lineup

Auto Team Stacking

  • Team stacking is a strategy used for gaining a higher probability to win higher payout contests, e.g., if a QB does well, then his receivers do well also, or when several batters on the same team each do well they collectively do even better by getting more at-bats and RBIs
  • Select a team and how many players to stack from that team, giving your lineup greater upside potential
  • Auto-team stacking is ASL’s unique feature that finds the team stack for each projection provider that results in the highest optimized DFS lineup result

Other Options

  • Select your contest type and slate
  • Eliminate players with questionable game status and/or below a projected fantasy point minimum
  • Lock or exclude specific players to add or eliminate from your lineups
  • Prevent lineups that have opposing offensive and defensive players

ASL's Advanced Player Tables Help You With Complex Lineup Choices

Three Separate Tables

  • Available Players
  • Unavailable Players
  • Deselected Players

Dynamic Available Player Recalculation

  • Enables you to quickly see the impact of player selection choices and ensures you only select options that can still result in a complete lineup
  • As you lock and deselect players, it recalculates which players are still available based on salary cap, used positions, team stacking requirements, etc.
  • A "?" in the Unavailable Players Table tells you exactly why a player is no longer available based on more than a dozen complex rules

Positional Filters & Sorting

  • View and filter all players for any combination of positions
  • Sort data by any column
  • See what lineup positions a player can be locked into

Use Features Designed for Professional Level Play

Auto Max/Min Exp, Stack and Diversity Bonuses

  • Auto Max and Min Exposure: Sets a max and min exposure for all players based on our secret sauce formula!
  • Auto Team Stacking %: Bumps up a player's fantasy point projection with a positive cross correlation to other players in a lineup by the percent you specify.
  • Auto Diversity %: Bumps up a player's fantasy point projection if he hasn't been selected for any lineups by the percent you specify.
  • Min Fantasy Points: Excludes players below the fantasy point threshold that you specify. A higher floor causes the optimizer to run faster.
  • Max Exposure Percentage %: Sets a ceiling to the number of times a player can be used as a percentage of the number of lineups you generate.
  • Diversity %: Sets a goal to include the number of unique players in your lineups as a of percentage of the number of lineups you generate.
  • Min difference: Specifies the minimum number of players that must be different between any two lineups.
  • Exclude GTD, OUT, and teams: Excludes players with a game-time-decision (GTD) or out status, or on certain teams. Delete the team name from the list of teams To remove all players of that team.
  • Min/Max Exposure: Sets the min and max percentage of lineups in which a player can be used and overrides the auto and global exposure settings.

Process-Oriented Iterative Refinement

  • Uses technology similar to that used for synthesizing computer chip logic to generate up to 150 lineups
  • The algorithm starts with lineups that only use best-value players at each salary tier and then works on all lineups as a set making trade-offs between lineups to max and min exposure and diversity requirements while maximizing fantasy points and stack bonus
  • You receive a log that shows the various stages of optimization as it aggressively attempts to meet all your requirements
  • It iterates at each stage until it can't find any more improvements
  • Gone are the dark ages of hard 3/2/2 team stacks; now you can control how much to trade off fantasy points versus team stacking to give you the best combination of lineups to meet your requirements

Customize Projections & More

  • In addition to projections from multiple providers, ASL's DFS Lineup Optimizer creates an equal blend from all providers
  • You can specify your own blend to give more weight to the the providers you like most
  • You can also customize your projections by directly setting the projections of individual players
  • Upload the DraftKings or FanDuel player list to write-out lineups in DraftKings or FanDuel format
  • Write out all the player projections into a CSV file

Build top daily fantasy lineups to enter contests while you are on the go or from home.

The Machine - DFS Lineup Optimizer blends top projections and provides advanced professional-level multi-lineup features to give you the lineup guidance you need to build winning DraftKings, Fanduel and Yahoo lineups

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