You might find these top-value players helpful for building your Daily Fantasy NBA lineup. ASL has calculated optimum lineups for DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo contests, and is giving you three players that represent the most value (points/salary) as part of an ideal lineup calculation.

Here are three top-value players for each of the three DFS platforms:

Projections listed as of 11:18 AM ET.

DraftKings (Classic)

  • PG Chris Paul, GS, 36.2 for $6,700
  • SF/PF Andrew Wiggins, GS, 26.7 for $5,100
  • PF Jalen Williams, Okl, 29.6 for $6,100

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FanDuel (Main)

  • SF/PF Andrew Wiggins, GS, 26.6 for $4,900
  • SG Klay Thompson, GS, 30.2 for $5,800
  • PG Chris Paul, GS, 35.9 for $7,100

Yahoo (Thu 11/16 23 SAME_DAY)

  • C Dario Saric, GS, 27.7 for $11
  • PG Kyle Lowry, Mia, 29.4 for $14
  • PG Chris Paul, GS, 36.6 for $22