Other position ranks are: Top-40 Fs Top-25 Cs

These rankings were updated as of 5:20 PM ET.

Rank Player Match
1 Russell Westbrook Okl @ LAL
2 Kemba Walker Cha vs Dal
3 Ben Simmons Phi @ Phx
4 Kyrie Irving (GTD) Bos vs Min
5 Jrue Holiday NO @ Bro
6 Devin Booker Phx vs Phi
7 Mike Conley Mem vs Det
8 Jimmy Butler Phi @ Phx
9 Zach LaVine Chi vs Orl
10 Luka Doncic Dal @ Cha
11 Kris Dunn Chi vs Orl
12 Lonzo Ball LAL vs Okl
13 Trae Young Atl @ Was
14 Derrick Rose (GTD) Min @ Bos
15 Jeremy Lamb (GTD) Cha vs Dal
16 Andrew Wiggins Min @ Bos
17 Dennis Schroder Okl @ LAL
18 Jeff Teague (GTD) Min @ Bos
19 Jordan Clarkson Cle vs Mia
20 Evan Fournier Orl @ Chi

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Rank Player Match
21 Elfrid Payton NO @ Bro
22 Justin Holiday Chi vs Orl
23 Dwyane Wade Mia @ Cle
24 Dennis Smith Dal @ Cha
25 J.J. Redick Phi @ Phx
26 Josh Hart LAL vs Okl
27 Collin Sexton Cle vs Mia
28 Reggie Jackson (GTD) Det @ Mem
29 Danny Green Okl @ LAL
30 Alec Burks Cle vs Mia
31 Tyler Johnson Mia @ Cle
32 Wesley Matthews Dal @ Cha
33 D.J. Augustin (GTD) Orl @ Chi
34 Marcus Smart Bos vs Min
35 Jaylen Brown Bos vs Min
36 Terry Rozier Bos vs Min
37 Terrence Ross Orl @ Chi
38 Tyus Jones Min @ Bos
39 Jeremy Lin Atl @ Was
40 Kevin Huerter Atl @ Was

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