Adam Lind is having a block buster April


Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

Tis the season for overreactions, and here is quite possibly yet another. Adam Lind’s first four games with the Brewers are telling of a bigger, looming successful season with true MLB fantasy value.

So far this season, Lind is 8-13 with a HR and four walks. I’m not great at math, but I think that works out to a .615 batting average. You say ridiculously small sample size? I say he’s setting a precedent of being a MLB fantasy difference maker.

Now the question becomes whether or not he can hit 54 home runs register 162 walks with a .600 average over an entire season. The answer of course is no, but that doesn’t eliminate him from having a workman like season worthy of a roster spot on your fantasy team.

In seasons where Lind has played in more than 100 games, he has consistently hit more than 20 home runs, topping out at 35 in 2009. His 2014 campaign was shortened to 96 games, but in 2013 (playing in 143 games) Lind hit 23 home runs and batted .288.

Lind also had a 2.3 WAR in 2013. In 2009 Lind actually received MVP votes and a Silver Slugger award. You say dated, dusty awards on a mantle over his millionaire fireplace, but this guy deserves a chance.

He’s traditionally had problems dealing with left-handed pitching, but it looks like he may have turned the corner on these issues coming into 2015. If your league is a standard 5x5 league he’s a strong addition, depending on the rest of your roster. When picking up Lind, understand that you aren’t signing up for a MVP season, but you can expect a solid bat at first.

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