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We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Advanced Sports Logic (ASL) and Fantasy Sports Logic (FSL), bringing you an irresistible offer that will revolutionize your daily fantasy sports experience. Prepare yourself for the ultimate VIP treatment with FSL's One-Price, One-Time, All-Sports, All-Upgrades VIP Lifetime Subscription for only $299.97!

Fantasy Sports Logic is proud to be the exclusive home to the Contrarian Edge Optimizer, a game-changing tool fueled by not one, but seven separate live player projection data feeds, BAKER, Ballpark Pal, FTNdata, RotoWire, Sports Data IO and Stats Perform, plus the blend of the seven:

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Contrarian Mode is FSL's exclusive technology infused with ASL's DFS Optimizer technology, which factors a player's ceiling with his ownership to build lineups that have the potential to pop high into the contest rankings. To get a better understanding of what this unique technology is about, you can watch these videos which are a discussion between FSL Founder, Daryl Snyder and ASL Founder, Leonard LaPadula:

The Basics of the Contrarian Edge Algorithm

Pro-Option Feature Rundown

The Contrarian Edge Optimizer is in beta release now, and that's why this VIP Lifetime Subscription offer is limited. You get:

- Seven top-quality projection feeds from industry recognized leaders

- The Contrarian Edge Algorithm

- Game changing, unique and powerful Pro Settings

- Direct upload files for multiple lineups (no needing to download the player list from DraftKings or FanDuel)

A new multi-lineup viewer (editor and auto re-optimizer are coming soon)

You get all the tools to tailor your gameplay strategy to your preferences, whether you want to follow the crowd or go against it. We believe in providing you with the tools you need to excel over the competition. What more could you want in a DFS Optimizer? 

And now, with FSL's limited-time offer of the One-Price, One-Time, All-Sports, All-Upgrades VIP Lifetime Subscription, you gain access to all these extraordinary features for an unbeatable price of just $299.97*. Imagine never having to worry about paying for upgrades or additional subscriptions again. This exclusive offer grants you lifetime access to all sports, all upgrades, and our top-tier VIP benefits. It's a deal you simply cannot afford to miss!

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Upgrade your fantasy sports experience and become a part of the winning team. Join FSL today by visiting this link or calling FSL's dedicated customer support team at 1-858-926-6837.

FSL's support team is there to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.

Take your fantasy sports strategy to new heights with Advanced Sports Logic and Fantasy Sports Logic. Together, we are committed to your success.

Leonard LaPadula
Founder, Advanced Sports Logic


Daryl Snyder
Founder, Fantasy Sports Logic

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