If you're playing MLB Daily Fantasy Baseball contests, you might find these top-value players helpful for building your lineup. ASL has calculated optimum lineups for DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo contests, based on three different projection sources -- numberFire, RotoGrinders, Fantasy Six Pack* -- as well as a Blend projection lineup that uses all three sources together.

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Here is a pitcher and a top-value hitter from each projection source for each of the three DFS platforms:

Projections listed as of 11:20 AM Eastern Time.


  • Blend: SP Taylor Cole, LAA, 14.7 fantasy points for $4,000; 1B Tyler Austin, Min, 10.4 fantasy points for $3,600 
  • numberFire: SP Taylor Cole, LAA17.7 fantasy points for $4,000; 1B P GoldschmidtAri, 12.6 fantasy points for $4,700
  • Fantasy Six Pack: P Taylor Cole, LAA14.6 fantasy points for $4,000; OF Brandon GuyerCle, 7.1 fantasy points for $2,900
  • RotoGrinders: SP Luke Weaver, Stl, 18.5 fantasy points for $7,100; OF Rosell Herrara, KC, 7.6 fantasy points for $3,300


  • Blend: P N Syndergaard, Bos, 37.8 fantasy points for $9,300; 1B Tyler Austin, Min, 13.7 fantasy points for $2,200
  • numberFire: P Taylor Cole, LAA33.1 fantasy points for $5,500; 2B Niko Goodrum, Det, 12.5 fantasy points for $2,300
  • Fantasy Six Pack: P C Carrasco, Cle41.1 fantasy points for $10,500; 3B Miguel Sano, Min, 10.9 fantasy points for $2,300
  • RotoGrinders: P C Carrasco, Cle, 42.9 fantasy points for $10,500; C/1B Luke Voit, NYY, 10.8 fantasy points for $2,000


  • Blend: N Syndergaard, NYM, 21.59 fantasy points for $45; 1B Jose Martinez, StL, 8.4 fantasy points for $8 
  • numberFire: P Taylor Cole, LAA, 18.9 fantasy points for $25; 1B Jose Martinez, StL, 8.4 fantasy points for $8
  • RotoGrinders: P Luke Weaver, StL, 18.5 fantasy points for $33; 1B Luke Voit, NYY, 7.6 fantasy points for $7

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