Mark Reynolds, 1B, COL

What do you get when you put one of baseball's truest sluggers inside the game's friendliest hitter's park? It's been so far, so good for Reynolds, who has left the park four times in his first 10 games. That includes a couple of homers at Coors Field. Reynolds has a career reputation of being an all-or-nothing basher, but do note that his contact rate has improved in each of the past couple of years. He'll never hit .300 (he's at .313 right now), but for a man who languished in the .200-.230 range for a long time, it's now not inconceivable to think Reynolds could hit around .270 with 30 HRs if he stays in an everyday role. The problem is: Where will Colorado play him once Ian Desmond returns from injury? Well, that's not an immediate concern; Desmond is at least a couple of weeks away from being ready for the majors again. Plus, if Reynolds keeps leaving the yard at this rate, the Rockies will have to make room for him somewhere.

Ryan Zimmerman, 1B, WAS

If Reynolds has already been claimed in your league and you still need help at first base or a corner infield spot, take a gander at Zimmerman. The biggest factor for him right now is that he's healthy. Zimmerman has missed at least 47 games in each of the past three years. But nine games into 2017, Zimmerman is raking at a .382-.417-.735 clip. Sitting in a pretty nice spot right behind Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy in the Nats' lineup, you should expect more than 20 home runs, more than 80 RBIs and an average north of .275 from the 13-year-vet. That is, as long as his body holds up.

Amir Garrett, SP, CIN

It's really tough to trust rookie pitchers. It's even tougher to trust rookie pitchers on bad teams (if wins mean something in your league). But after his first two starts, it's time to give Garrett some more love. An uber-athletic former college basketball player, Garrett handcuffed the Pirates and Cardinals to just two runs over 12.2 combined innings. He won't break any radar guns, but Garrett's changeup and curveball have been absolutely filthy in the early going. Take a chance on Garrett to see if this is the start of a special rookie year. Fair word of warning, however: His next two starts will probably come against the Orioles and the Cubs.