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THE MACHINE - Beta for Dynasty Teams

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Powerful dynasty fantasy football tools. Dominate your dynasty draft, find top fantasy keepers and master dynasty trades

  • 3-year win probability analysis
  • Powerful tools designed for dynasty and keeper leagues
  • Was the most popular and top-rated app in CBS Sports App Central from 2012-2014
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Supports ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports and MyFantasyLeague

Changes & Status Update

This Is A Pre-Order

  • The eventual price of The Machine for Dynasty Teams will be $5.99/month.
  • By purchasing now, you lock in a lower monthly price perpetually as long as you don't cancel your subscription.
  • ASL is anticipating having the in-season features running for this football season and the regular redraft function in time for the NBA season.

Projections And Additional Teams Are Separate

  • You get three team slots with your subscription. Additional team slots will be $1.99/month additional.
  • Projections for The Machine are going to be sold separately. You must buy projections for The Machine to function.
  • The Machine will support NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. By selling projections separately, you can pick and chose the best set for your needs.
  • ASL plans to provide a wide variety of projection providers for you to pick from.
  • Currently Fantasy Football Metrics (FFM) is the only committed provider. FFM will provider 3-year projections for over 100 fantasy football stats, and for IDP. FFM has not yet communicated its pricing. When we know FFM's price, we will it post here.

Schedule Of Features

  • As features become available the monthly subscription rate goes up for new subscribers, but you stay locked at the current rate.
  • Here is our estimated schedule:
  • - Lineup Recommendations: July 31, $3.49/month
  • - Waiver Recommendations: Aug 31, $3.99/month
  • - Trade Functions: Sept 14, $4.49/month
  • - Draft (e.g. for NBA): Sept 30, $4.99/month
  • - All features for Dynasty: Jan 1, $5.49/month
  • - All features for Keeper: Apr 1, $5.99/month
  • Feature descriptions in the other tabs are based on the previous version of The Machine, which was the top-selling and most popular app in CBS App Central from 2012 thru 2014. Actual features are anticipated to be about the same or better, and The Machine will support NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

* ASL reserves the right to modify the aspects of product and content with equivalent or better value.

DynastyDynastyToolsTab 1

Pre-Draft Trade Analysis

  • Explore different trade scenarios
  • Get instant trade values
  • Confirm by simulating your dynasty fantasy football draft
DynastyDynastyToolsTab 2

Dynasty-Optimized Recommendations

  • View 3-year projections customized to your scoring rules
  • Learn which teams are rebuilding or going for the win
  • Get draft, add/drop & trade guidance tuned for all teams' 3-year span
DynastyDynastyToolsTab 3

Drop Recommendations

  • Sorts players based on 3-year win contribution
  • Drop players with "one-click" to reduce your roster size

DynastyPageKeeperTab 1

3-Year Player Projections

  • View 3-year projections customized to your scoring rules
  • Find next year’s top fantasy keepers before your opponents
  • Make more informed pick-ups and trades
DynastyPageKeeperTab 2

Keeper Recommendations

  • Find your top fantasy keepers
  • Find your best keeper trades
  • Maximize keeper value by trading picks
DynastyPageKeeperTab 3

Keeper Trade Analysis

  • Explore different trade scenarios
  • Get instant trade values
  • Confirm with draft simulation

DynastyDraftAndInseasonToolsTab 1


  • Receive real-time recommendations synced to your keeper or dynasty draft
  • Pick players based on win probability, adjusted for current rosters and free agents
  • Make late-round selections based on playoff needs and injury probabilities
DynastyDraftAndInseasonToolsTab 2

Lineups and Waivers

  • Get expert starting lineup guidance based on your analyst blend
  • Receive guidance for your waiver system balanced between current week and future needs
  • Submit your lineup and waiver choices with a single-click*
DynastyDraftAndInseasonToolsTab 3


  • Instantly evaluate trade offers based on win probability
  • Search for mutually beneficial trades of up to 3 players from each team*
  • Submit proposals with a single-click*

*Single-click Lineups is only available for MyFantasyLeague and RTSports leagues *Single-click Waivers is only available for MyFantasyLeague

DynastyFeaturesTab 1

Projection Blending

  • Choose your own blend of expert projections
  • View season-long trend charts
  • See how your fantasy points are calculated
DynastyFeaturesTab 2

Advanced League Integration

  • Sets up automatically, supporting IDPs and 100+ scoring rules
  • Synchronizes to current rosters, free agents and locked players
  • Sets your lineups in all leagues with a single click*
DynastyFeaturesTab 3

Player News and Injury Updates

  • Receive breaking news from RotoWire
  • Get injury updates from Fantasy Sharks

*Single-click Lineups is only available for MyFantasyLeague and RTSports leagues *Single-click Waivers is only available for MyFantasyLeague *Auto-Cycle is available only for MyFantasyLeague and RTSports leagues.

Proven Track Record: Get the Dynasty Fantasy Football Advice You Need to Win Your League. Those that followed The Machine's guidance regularly for the first half of the season were 2.7x more likely to win their league by the end of the season compared with all other players.
Unleash the power of The Machine and start winning!

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