Good afternoon, today I am going to focus on the best plays to help you start your roster.  With these plays it is all about the best player at each position.  This is not about value when it comes to cost it is about looking at starting your lineup with the best players.

The first question is this, do I start my roster with the best forward?  The best defenseman?  The best goalie?  The most cost per player?  These are great questions, so you need to choose what you think is the best for your roster.  When I mention the word "BEST" what does that mean?  Top goal scorer? Top point producer? Top FPPG?  All of these play into a world of choice and sometimes regret.  Regret you say? Yes, because we all of said at some point why did I pick that player when the other player was the right choice.  So let's get you into a good starting position with this week's picks.

So I have decided to start my first roster out with a look at top forwards, so spending my $$$ on these players will probably cost but also provide results.  The thing about this is your not going to be able to get multiple top forwards based on costs onto one roster.  Lets drop the puck with these top forward picks.

Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers:  The most picked player in fantasy by far and rightly so.  FanDuel has him at a cost of $8800 but hard to beat this guy's FPPG of 22.  Selecting Connor is a great start to any roster but it is at a high price.
Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks:  FanDuel has him priced $7600 and Pat is averaging 17.2 FPPG.  He's a great player who has 14 goals and 40 assists so far this year.  Kane has been known for his goal scoring but this year his playmaking abilities are really showing.
Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers:  Two players from the same team make the list to start my roster.  Yes, getting them both on your roster would be ideal but not a reality.  Leon, priced at $8100, is a great fall back if you choose him over teammate Connor.  Leon is Connor's wing man and he is averaging 19.1 FPPG and the cost is a little lower which allows you to focus on your dollars in other positions.  He's still a great pick to start your roster.
Nikolaj Ehlers of the Winnipeg Jets:  20 goals and 25 assists to go along with an average of 15.6 FPPG makes him a player to look at.  FanDuel has him at $6900, which is a very good price.
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The second roster I am building by starting with the men standing up to all these goal scores and tending the nets.  Selecting your goalies is something of crap shoot.  Goalies that are superstars come at a big price, and you also have to ensure that your selection is in fact starting.  With that said here are my top three for tonight's slate based on cost and their opponent.
Andrei Vasilevskiy of the Tampa Bay Lightning:  Playing for a top elite team makes this player a lock.  Costing $8400 and producing a solid 26 wins while posting a .932 save percentage, 2.00 goals against average and averaging 24.5 FPPG makes him a great start to the roster.
Connor Hellebuyck of the Winnipeg Jets:  One of the top goalies so far this year (I personally think he will be in talks for the Hart Trophy although a long shot), he, by far, is the reason why Winnipeg is a top team in the North division.  Costing $7800 and posting 21 wins to go along with a 2.45 GAA and .920 save percentage, Connor is a solid start to my roster.
Petr Mrazek of the Carolina Hurricanes:  Please check to ensure he is starting tonight, but Petr has returned from an injury and is posting top numbers in his return.  He has a 1.25 GAA while posting .945 save percentage.  These numbers are hard to ignore, which bring him in at a cost of $8600 on FanDuel.

My third lineup I will start by building from the blueline and selecting my top defenseman.  This position is hard to read at times because a lot of the top players are expensive but worth every dollar you have to spend.  Most leagues you have two defenseman to build around so getting two high-priced limits what you can do with your budget elsewhere.  Keep this in mind when reviewing my top picks.
Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning:  Like his teammate in goal Victor is the cream of the crop and should make every roster as the best player on the blueline.  Victor is having a solid year posting 8 goals and 31 assists while averaging 14.8 FPPG.  In line as the front runner for the Norris trophy he by far is the elite of the group tonight.  Fan Duel cost of $6500
Tyson Barrie of the Edmonton Oilers:  Tyson has bounced back this year and some say it is because of the style of play that really suits his game.  He is a high flying player who rushes the puck and joins the rush anytime he can.  In Toronto last year the system did not suit his game but since joining Edmonton he has fit in very well and is producing high numbers.  5 goals and 30 assists puts him in an elite class for his position.  FanDuel has him at a cost of $6300, but he is worth the spend.
Dougie Hamilton of the Carolina Hurricanes:  Another top runner for the Norris trophy, Dougie is having an elite year - probably his best year since he came into the league.  His style and the supporting cast makes Dougie a player to watch game in and game out.  6 goals and 28 assists to go along with an average of 14.3 FPPG makes him a solid starter to my roster.
Enjoy the games and hopefully these helpful hints and stats can allow you to start your roster with a bang.