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Hockey fans lets take the time to look at your current Fantasy Power rankings for tonight's games.  I am focusing on Fanduel and your top players based on value.  You can always pick the top players but that is going to kill your budget real fast so this should help balance your line up and get top value.

With 4 games on the card tonight I will try and break down a few opportunities that make sense financially and hopefully it pays off in your lineups.  With $55,000 to spend I need to make sure I budget and get value for my spend.


With 4 games being played we have 8 tenders to choose from and this is where you need to do some homework and understand who is starting and at what cost.

Here are the two options I am looking at and why.  Adin Hill of the Arizona Coyotes should be starting tonight ( Please check ) but my sources tell me he is.  With a cost of $6800 the value is there and Hill played very well in his last game and got the win, so will be looking to keep this going.  My second option is Ville Husso of the St. Louis Blues.  Again please check to make sure he is starting, but the value is here at a cost of $7300 and St. Louis is looking to bounce by taking advantage of the last place Anaheim Ducks who have lost three games in a row.


At the center position, my top players based on FPPG are Mark Scheifele of the Winnipeg Jets who is averaging 15.5 FPPG.  Then I have Nicklas Backstrom of the Washington Capitals and Nicklas is averaging 13.66 FPPG.  In the third spot I am looking at Ryan O'Reilly of the St.Louis Blues, averaging 13 FPPG.  These top centers are the cream of the crop, but the most value tonight is with Mark Scheifele at a cost of $7200.  Winnipeg has won two games in a row while their opponent Calgary Flames have lost 3 games in a row and are playing poorly so Mark should be able to take advantage of powerplay time tonight and continue to add to his point totals.

To fill out my center roster I am going to look at a less costly player and choose between these three players.  Brayden Schenn of the St.Louis Blues is averaging 11.53 FPPG and has a value cost of $5500.  I am also looking at Christian Dvorak of the Arizona Coyotes who is averaging 9.3 FPPG and is at a bargain cost of $4500, and rounding off my third option with Mikael Backland of the Calgary Flames, costing $4500 and averaging 9.91 FPPG to make him a solid choice.  These are three solid cost-effective players, and my choice is Christian Dvorak.  Taking Christian at this cost makes a lot of sense for value and for my budget.

After securing my centers and goaltender I am left with $36,000, averaging a remainder of $6000 per player to fill out my defenseman and wingers.

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So let's look at my wingers. Blake Wheeler of the Winnipeg Jets has a cost of $5900 and is averaging 12.45 FPPG. Then there is Conor Garland of the Arizona Coyotes, averaging 12.45 FPPG and costing $5300.  Two other players with a lot of value are Timo Meier of the San Jose Sharks, costing $5200 and averaging 11.39 FPPG, and then a great bargain with Kevin Leblanc also of the San Jose Sharks, costing only $4600, playing on the first line and averaging 10.56 FPPG.  All four players might be in my lineup tonight using two as my utility players. This would leave me with a remaining budget of $15,000 to spend on my defensemen or look to upgrade.


Here are three options on defense that add value and with my remaining budget I can reach for the stars.  John Carlson of the Washington Capitals, costing $6700, is a solid choice, as John is averaging 13.88 FPPG.  Brent Burns of the San Jose Sharks is also a great choice, costing $6200 and averaging 11.77 FPPG.  These are two solid choices and if you choose both then your remaining budget would sit at $2100, which you could use to upgrade on your forwards or goalie. Other value defenseman are Jacob Chychrun of the Arizona Coyotes, costing only $5100 and with a great upside, and Ty Smith of the New Jersey Devils.  If you have spent a great portion of your budget already and have a lower remaining balance, then Ty may be the best fit for your team.  Costing only $3600, while averaging 8.27 FPPG may just be what you are looking for.

Enjoy your Friday night and take these players and submit them into your lineups where they fit.