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You might find these top-value players helpful for building your Daily Fantasy NHL lineup. ASL has calculated optimum lineups for DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo contests, and is giving you three players that represent the most value (points/salary) as part of an ideal lineup calculation.

Here are a top-value goalie and two players for each of the three DFS platforms:

Projections listed as of 12:42 PM ET.

DraftKings (Classic)

  • G Jake Allen, Mtl, 15.7 for $8,000
  • RW Mike Hoffman, StL, 12.0 for $4,700
  • LW Tomas Tatar, Mtl, 9.1 for $3,700

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FanDuel (Main)

  • G Jake Allen, Mtl, 21.8 for $7,900
  • W Mike Hoffman, StL, 16.0 for $4,900
  • W Jakub Vrana, Wsh, 14.8 for $4,700

Yahoo (Fri 3/19 21 SAME_DAY)

  • G Jake Allen, Mtl, 13.6 for $29
  • LW Jakub Vrana, Wsh, 9.1 for $17
  • RW Mike Hoffman, StL, 9.7 for $19