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Just starting to play Daily Fantasy Hockey or have been playing for a long time, but want to boost your skills? These tips from will help you.

1. Remember to check the starting lineup

Of course, this advice seems the most obvious, but some neglect it and fail. No player would want to find himself in a situation where some hockey players are unable to enter the ice. To avoid this, you should check your starting lineups about 30 minutes before game time to have time to make substitutions. Usually, information about lineup changes is posted on social networks, so we advise you to subscribe to the accounts of the clubs.

2. Choose hockey players from the leading roles

Sometimes there just isn’t enough money to have only star players in the lineup. When this happens, we suggest that you focus on picking less prominent players who often lineup with the best scorers. This way you not only get the opportunity to earn points if your player should score, but you also have a high chance to score from assists.

3. Choose goalkeepers who are good at saving
Many choose the goalkeepers who have the best chance of winning a match. However, when you enter a guaranteed prize pool competition, you need to get the most points from each player’s actions. In the case of goalkeepers, the best way to do this is to choose someone who will need to make a lot of saves and who has a high proficiency at the job of making saves.

4. Do not neglect the analysis
There are many resources on the internet with detailed information about the NHL. There you can study the statistics of the players and see their performance. The more carefully you analyze this data for making smart choices, the more likely you are to win.

What should you pay attention to when analyzing?

1)    Power play: Take hockey players from clubs that are effective on the power play. This will give your team a better chance to score. It is better to pay attention to players who go on the power play more often and do not spend those precious minutes on the bench.

2)    Penalty killing: If you choose defenders from teams that are not the best to save salary, pay attention to the PK (Penalty Killing). If the players work well when they are short-handed, the opponents will not be able to shoot the puck when your team is outnumbered.

3)    More detailed statistics: Pay attention to those indicators that often do not fall into the field of vision of other players. Studying additional statistics on past matches will give you an edge over your opponents. For example, you may find out that the team often shoots on goal. Logically, the result of this would be scoring pucks.

We have given only basic tips for playing Daily Fantasy Hockey. Once you start playing and using them, you will find your tactical moves and will notice interesting features of teams and players that will help you win.