With the advent of the COVID pandemic, sometimes games are cancelled last-minute before the start of a slate. If you need to quickly remove all players from a cancelled game here is the fastest way to do it:

1) Click Set Pro Options. You will get a pop-up with all the different options.

2) Scroll down until you get the list of teams. Each team will have a toggle. Slide the toggle to off.

ShutOffTeams 2a0500c0f6

3) Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up and click Save:

SaveProOptions Fd93be1e0f

3) Then from the bottom of the Set Pro Options pop-up click "Choose File" to select your edited Pro Options template, and then click "Use this file":

RemoveTeams3 077d94db9f

4) After you click Save, the Available Player table will recalculate and the players on the teams you shut off will no longer be available for the optimizer to use. However, if you previously locked a player into your lineup, it will remained locked in your lineup. This is useful if you want to lock players that already played and re-optimizer the remaining players.