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The Machine was Top-Rated and Most Popular in CBS Sports App Central. These are True Testimonials from Partners and Customers.

Partner Testimonials

ProFootball Focus

“The Machine’s tools powered by our projections provide excellent fantasy football guidance. I am pleased we are able to offer this powerful combination to our customers this year.”

-Mike Clay, Director, ProFootball Focus

I have been watching The Machine get stronger each year. It has evolved from a smart concept to a truly amazing and helpful tool.... ASL has the most comprehensive requirements for projections we have ever seen... Answering ASL’s challenges have pushed us to be the first company to provide NFL player projections twelve months a year; which include current year and two-year dynasty projections, individual defensive player projections, and projecting each week individually for all weeks of the NFL season. We are continually amazed by the product richness of The Machine by ASL and are pleased to have our projections and content distributed to fantasy football players in Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, MyFantasyLeague and RealTime Fantasy Sports hosted leagues through ASL.”

-Tony Holm, President,


“We believe The Machine is the most complete and powerful fantasy football tool available."

-Rick Wolf, President, FantasyAlarm Media LLC

Fantasy Football Metrics

“You will want to participate in Fantasy Football drafts just to watch the "Win Probability" percentages shifting from pick-to-pick. It's like watching real-time stock market prices in action. It's a game within the game.... "The Machine" is not just for use as a draft aid. The system was also designed to be a Fantasy owner's e-Assistant GM all season. ... "The Machine" attaches itself to your league. It knows what is happening with each team -- it makes starting lineup decisions, makes waiver recommendations, and is a trade analysis tool. "The Machine" isn't looking at a static moment of figuring out which player is generally more talented than another. "The Machine" plays out proposed trades, and waiver moves, by looking at the rest of the player's remaining schedule and anticipated scoring ahead. "The Machine" communicates back to you any scenario you want to play with in "Win Probability" percentage terms. You make the final call.”

-R.C. Fischer, President, Fantasy Football Metrics, LLC


Customer Testimonials

"Listening to The Machine in the draft and on waivers I ended up winning the championship."
-Jason, ASL Customer

"Loved this product last year and will be back again this season."
-Tyler, ASL Customer

"Looking forward to using The Machine for a 4th year. In 3 years, I have two 2nd's and one championship."
-Eric V

"I honestly think your app is great. As a matter of fact, in the last four years, I've had three 2nd place finishes and 1 championship. Thank you for putting a good product out there!"
-Jason H, ASL Customer

"My league is entering its 29th season. I was tired of writing checks every year so three years ago I went looking for help and found your website. Since then I've won the league once and came in 2nd twice. I'm looking forward to finishing on top again this year. Thanks Advanced Sports Logic, keep up the good work.”
-Steve M, ASL Customer

"Have used The Machine the last three years with lots of success. Without it I'd be lost."
-Drew M, ASL Customer

"I loved using this program for fantasy last year. It worked flawlessly and I went to the playoffs in both of my leagues."
-Dave, ASL Customer

"Thank you so much!!! This is awesome! This is the best site for fantasy purposes, hands down. Thank you again!"
-Tyler G, ASL Customer

"I'm a financial analyst by trade, so numbers are where I'm comfortable. Accordingly, The Machine has turned into a playground for me; I've also been able to all but delete my previous projection spreadsheets. From first glances it looks like you guys have a fantastic product."
-Derik Godeaux

"I like the way ASL connects to Yahoo this year. Great improvement!"
-Bud, ASL Customer

"I use The Machine exclusively. Last year my teams did great, and this year my teams are off to their best start ever."
-Ken, ASL Customer

“The Machine is amazing. I had a poor draft last year without The Machine, but thanks to your product I finished 3rd out of 60 teams. I hope to have the same success this year. The only concern I have is more of my colleagues might use your product, and then I won't have quite the advantage!”
-Andrew G, ASL Customer

“I've always used The Machine and I love it. The feature that I really appreciate is the in-season trade suggestions. When you know you need to make some moves but aren’t quite sure where to start, that feature is invaluable.”
-Larry R, ASL Customer

“I’ve spent the last couple of nights looking over your service for my RTsports league. I really like it and won't hesitate to buy it again in the future.”
-Craig S, ASL Customer

"A great tool. I look forward to using it next year."
-Isaac L

The Ultimate Draft Tool using Win-Based Math

Draft Recommendations*

  • Provides real time recommendations automatically synced to your fantasy draft
  • Adapts to your in-season matchups, player bye weeks and playoffs based on weekly projections and your overall win probability
  • Shows your top ten picks to make your draft decisions easy

Math Focused on Winning*

  • Customizes to your league scoring and roster rules
  • Builds an injury resistant roster based on injury probabilities
  • Shows no mercy – takes advantage of opponents’ mistakes

Offline Draft Recommendations*

  • Syncs to internet leagues; quick setup for manual leagues
  • Easy drag-and-drop from free agent tables to draft board
  • Convenient player search and pick back-out

Projection Blending*

  • Choose your own blend of expert projections
  • View season-long trend charts
  • See how your fantasy points are calculated

Advanced League Integration*

  • Sets up automatically, supporting IDPs and 100+ scoring rules
  • Synchronizes to current rosters, free agents and locked players
  • Sets your lineups in all leagues with a single click

Player News and Injury Updates*

  • Receive breaking news from top sources
  • Get injury real-time injury updates, and estimated return dates

*Note: Features of the rebuilt version might not become available all at once and/or might not exactly match the features of the original version.

The Most Powerful & Complete In-Season Tools Give You The Edge

Sit Start Analyzer*

  • Get your best lineup based on your blend of expert projections
  • Easily explore the impact of judgment-call sit start decisions
  • See how your lineup compares to your opponent’s lineup
  • Submit your sit start decision with a single click

Waiver Wire Recommendations*

  • Prioritize advice to help your team this week, in the future, or for both
  • Generate full waiver wire recommendations customized for your league’s rules
  • Submit single add/drop or full waiver wire rounds with a single click

Full Waiver System Support*

  • Directly supports over a half dozen types of systems, including rounds, groups (RT Sports), waivers (CBS Sports), and first-come first served
  • Generates FAAB and blinding bidding buck recommendations based on value, scarcity and week of season
  • Shows add/drop value for this week’s lineup and overall win probability

Trade Analyzer*

  • Receive instant analysis of trade offers based on win probability
  • Quickly explore and decide on proposals and counter offers
  • Master the art of trading with Trade Analyzer

Trade Finder*

  • Set which players to trade away and positions to trade
  • Set teams to trade with and whether to search through 1x1, 2x2 or 3x3 trades
  • Evaluate millions of potential trade ideas based on win-based math

Trade Offer Recommendations*

  • Finds the best trades with every team in your league based on complimentary needs
  • Sorts by most helpful to your team or likeliness to be accepted
  • Propose trades with a single click

*Note: Features of the rebuilt version might not become available all at once and/or might not exactly match the features of the original version.

The Most Comprehensive Dynasty and Keeper League Tools Available

Pre-Draft Trade Analysis*

  • Explore different pre-draft trade scenarios
  • Get instant trade values
  • Confirm by simulating your dynasty fantasy football draft

Dynasty-Optimized Recommendations*

  • View 3-year projections customized to your scoring rules
  • Learn which teams are rebuilding or going for the win
  • Get draft, add/drop & trade guidance tuned for all teams' 3-year span

Drop Recommendations*

  • Sorts players based on 3-year win contribution
  • Drop players with "one-click" to reduce your roster size

3-Year Player Projections*

  • View 3-year projections customized to your scoring rules
  • Find next year’s top fantasy keepers before your opponents
  • Make more informed pick-ups and trades

Keeper Recommendations*

  • Find your top fantasy keepers
  • Find your best keeper trades
  • Maximize keeper value by trading picks

Keeper Trade Analysis*

  • Explore different keeper trade scenarios
  • Get instant trade values
  • Confirm with your keeper league draft simulation

*Note: Features of the rebuilt version might not become available all at once and/or might not exactly match the features of the original version.

What You Get:

  • Today: ASL's DFS Lineup Optimizer for 3-years
  • When It's Ready: The Machine - Draft, Lineups, Waivers, Trades, Dynasty
  • When It's Ready: Support for up to five fantasy teams

Dear ASL Subscribers,

Many of you have enjoyed the benefits of The Machine in years past. It was the top-rated and top-selling fantasy football app in CBS Sports App Central. We shut it down at the end of 2016 because we needed to rebuild the infrastructure to make it faster and more easily maintainable into to future.

Many of you ask if and when we will bring it back. We now are on track to bring back all versions of The Machine and much more.

The Machine - DFS Lineup Optimizer is our first rebuilt product because it was deemed the simplest product for us to use to drive the rebuild of our infrastructure. ASL's DFS Lineup Optimizer has been available for a year now. We recently added some powerful features based on user requests. Don't let the very low $5/month subscription charge fool you - this is a powerful product delivering powerful features and, like all ASL's products, it uses unique and high performance core math. And it is still improving. Available all year round supporting DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports for NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

But the big question that everyone wants the answer to is "When is the full version of The Machine coming back?" We plan to make it available next year, but to hit that target will be challenging. So ASL has an offer for you that not only is a great deal for you but will also help ASL to go faster, having more of The Machine ready sooner. In a fashion, it is ASL's form of crowd funding.

Here's the offer:

You immediately get a three-year subscription to The Machine - DFS Lineup Optimizer. Our subscription price is $60/year, so that is a $180 value with ASL pricing. (Less capable products are going for $200 to $300 per year - so you do the math!)
Then, when full versions of The Machine become available for Drafts, Lineups, Waivers, Trades and Dynasty, you will receive a three-year license and support for up to five fantasy teams - no additional charge! By having a three-year license, you will have it's benefits early and will automatically get upgrades as we complete all original features and more, supporting dynasty & keeper leagues, trades, multi-year projections, custom scoring rules, IDP etc. Also, it will support NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL fantasy leagues.

This offer will obviously appeal to those of you who used The Machine in the past and know about its powerful features. But it’s also a great offer for those that enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports and that are willing to wait for the full version of The Machine. Not only was The Machine the top-rated and most-popular app in CBS Sports App Central for three years running, but it was also repackaged and sold through other reputable fantasy sports sites, including Pro Football Focus, Fantasy Sharks and Fantasy Football Metrics. And at last measurement it was shown to increase your chance to win by 2.7x. So, get your order in now to gain access to the world's most proven and best technology for playing fantasy sports!

-Leonard LaPadula, Founder, Advanced Sports Logic, Inc.

Proven Track Record: Was the top-rated and most popular in CBS App Central and those that used The Machine were 2.7x more likely to win

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