DYNASTY ROOKIE DRAFT & TEAM BUILDER - In-Depth Scouting with Moneyball-Style Metrics DYNASTY ROOKIE DRAFT & TEAM BUILDER - In-Depth Scouting with Moneyball-Style Metrics
In-Depth Scouting with Moneyball-Style Metrics


by College Football Metrics

Find the top rookies for your dynasty rookie draft and to build your team with NFL-level rookie rankings and analysis

  • Receive 100’s of NFL-quality prospect scouting reports and rookie rankings
  • Find the top-rookies based on a proven in-depth statistical-grading approach
  • Get the information you need to nail your dynasty rookie draft
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R C Fisher

R.C. Fischer

  • Fully-independent alternative to mainstream group-think
  • Consultant to NFL and CFL scouts
  • R.C. works his hardest while you enjoy the off season

“Many of you likely experience the pain that I felt several years ago. I played in competitive Dynasty leagues, and was following all the typical sources for my dynasty rookie draft. Basically, everyone in my league was following the same information. At some point, it dawned on me that all the mainstream football information was almost always wrong…and everyone in my league was fighting over the same flawed information. There had to be a better way…

My life was changed when I first read the book Moneyball over a decade ago. I have been studying and scouting football players with statistical formulas and film study ever since—attempting to build the world’s most accurate football scouting system. Trying to discover truths about rookie draft players that everyone else was missing or misinterpreting.

College Football Metrics has been providing scouting reports and statistical studies to NFL and CFL personnel execs, as well as consulting with private Fantasy Football clients. We are excited that ASL’s ‘The Machine’ is incorporating our statistical projections and rookie scouting reports into their products for Dynasty and Fantasy analysis.”

R.C. Fischer, President of College Football Metrics


100's of NFL-Quality Scouting Reports

  • Based on in-depth film study and Moneyball-style analytics
  • Fully independent rookie rankings and scouting reports that dispel media hype
  • All-inclusive reporting with a dynasty rookie draft focus

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Statistically-Based Grades

  • Analyzes rookies using CFM*’s secret formula
  • Accurately predicts top rookies
  • Compares each rookie with NFL greats and busts

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Legacy Rankings & Report Archive

  • See historic & current NFL rookie rankings together
  • Gain access to all CFM* report archives
  • Learn if a break-out player has stud potential or is a one-week wonder

Dynasty Rookie Draft and Team Builder Schedule

January QB research and rankings
February Post-combine non-QB positions starting with highest rated NFL players
March‑April Continue with positional players and statistical rookie rankings board
May NFL draft statistical analysis and grading, and dynasty player evaluation
June‑Aug Update NFL rookie player rankings based on training camp and pre-season performance
Sept‑Dec Reports remain available for viewing to help you find top rookies with break out potential all season
Dec 31 Subscription period ends

Find the top rookies for your dynasty rookie draft with proven independent and in-depth rookie rankings and scouting analysis.

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