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THE MACHINE for Lineups, Waivers and Trades

Powerful fantasy football sit or start, waiver wire, and trade advice

  • Guidance based on season-long weekly projections from three experts
  • Patent-pending win-based math focusses on the only thing that’s
    important – winning
  • Auto-setup synced to your league for all your in-season guidance
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Supports ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, MyFantasyLeague and RT Sports

Jeff Ratcliffe ProFootball Focus

  • Rated most accurate by FSTA* and FantasyPros
  • Has access to unique PFF data, used by NFL teams
  • Uses deep analytics and regression-based optimization

Tony HolmFantasy Sharks

  • 3-year player projections
  • Over 50 fantasy experts on staff
  • Track record of projection accuracy
  • FSTA* Hall of Fame nominee

R.C. FischerFantasy Football Metrics

  • Analyst for NFL team scouts
  • 3-year projections with rookie focus
  • Powerful analytics-based scouting model
  • Dynasty fantasy football expert based on college film study

*FSTA — Fantasy Sports Trade Association

Lineup Recommendations
Lineup & Waiver Tools - Sit Start Analyzer

Sit or Start Analyzer

  • See who to start based on your blend of expert projections
  • Easily explore the impact of judgment-call sit or start decisions
  • Submit your lineup with a single click*
Lineup Recommendations - Opponent’s Lineup

Opponent’s Lineup

  • See how your lineup compares with your opponent’s lineup
  • Decide banged-up player risk/reward sit or start decisions based on need
  • Optimize same-team QB-WR pairings when you have the stronger team
Lineup Recommendations - Opponent’s Lineup

Flex and IDP Support

  • Supports any flex configuration, including flex QBs and multiple differing flex slots
  • Fully supports IDP, including separate DT, DE, CB, S and special teams
  • Supports combined positions, such as WR+TE

*Single-click Lineups is only available for MyFantasyLeague and RTSports leagues

Waiver Recommendations
Lineup & Waiver Tools - Waiver Recommendations

Waiver Wire Recommendations

  • Prioritize advice to help your team this week, in the future, or for both
  • Generate full fantasy waiver wire recommendations
  • Submit single add/drop or full waiver wire rounds with a single click*
Lineup & Waiver Tools - Full Waiver System Support

Full Waiver System Support

  • Directly supports over a half dozen types of systems, including rounds, groups (RT Sports), waivers (CBS Sports), and first-come first served
  • Generates FAAB and blinding bidding buck recommendations based on value, scarcity and week of season
  • Shows add/drop value for this week’s lineup and overall win probability
Win-based Math - Keeper Trade Analysis

Win-based Math

  • Automatically optimizes add/drops for the weeks that help you
  • Helps you find free agents pickups for the playoffs ahead of the competition
  • Enjoy the benefits of the most powerful fantasy waiver wire tool ever

*Single-click Waivers is only available for MyFantasyLeague

Trade Tools
Trade Tools - Trade Analyzer

Trade Analyzer

  • Receive instant analysis of fantasy trade offers based on win probability
  • Quickly explore and decide on proposals and counter offers
  • Master the art of trading with Trade Analyzer
Trade Tools - Trade Finder

Trade Finder

  • Set which players to trade away and positions to trade
  • Set teams to trade with and whether to search through 1x1, 2x2 or 3x3 trades
  • Evaluate millions of potential fantasy trade ideas using on win-based math
Trade Tools - Trade Offer Recommendations

Trade Offer Recommendations

  • Finds the best trades with every team in your league based on complimentary needs
  • Sorts by most helpful to your team or likeliness to be accepted
  • Propose fantasy trades with a single click
Features & Mobile
Features - Projection Blending

Projection Blending

  • Choose your own blend of expert projections
  • View season-long trend charts
  • See how your fantasy points are calculated

ASL’s Mobile Apps

  • Make your sit or start, fantasy waiver wire and trade decisions while on the go
  • *Mobile App free with purchase of desktop license
Features - Advanced League Integration

Advanced League Integration

  • Sets up automatically, supporting IDPs and 100+ scoring rules
  • Synchronizes to current rosters, free agents and locked players
  • Sets your lineups in all leagues with a single click*
Features - Player News and Injury Updates

Player News and Injury Updates

  • Receive breaking news from RotoWire
  • Get injury updates from Fantasy Sharks
Mobile & Offline - Power in Information

*Single-click Lineups is only available for MyFantasyLeague and RTSports leagues

*Single-click Waivers is only available for MyFantasyLeague

*Auto-Cycle is available only for MyFantasyLeague and RTSports leagues.

Proven Track Record: Get the Fantasy Sit or Start, Waiver Wire and Trade Advice You Need to Win Your League.

Those that followed The Machine's guidance regularly for the first half of the season were 2.7x more likely to win their league by the end of the season compared with all other players.

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