A) If you are in a manual draft or are participating in one offline, you can use The Machine in manual mode to make your draft pick recommendations.

Note: In an offline or manual mode, you still need access to the internet during your draft to load and get projections. If you will not have internet access during their draft, then we recommend that you run the simulated draft prior to your draft and save the results in CSV file format so you can load the results in Excel or similar spreadsheet software.

To switch The Machine Draft Pick Recommendations in manual mode, click the Switch To Manual Operation button as shown below.

After clicking this button, you will see the following message to notify you that the automatic draft synchronization will be disabled. Click Confirm to set The Machine in manual mode. To re-start The Machine is non-manual mode, reload or relaunch The Machine.

In Manual Mode, drag and drop players to the draft board from the free agent tables located at the bottom of the page. You can sort the free agent lists alphabetically to help you find players easier. Also, you can always find a player called “Other” in each of the tables if you can’t find the player you are looking for. If you make a mistake you can back out a pick by clicking the red X.

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