A) We use player projections from FantasySharks as our base set of projections. We translate your scoring rules as closely as possible to match the projection categories that we utilize from FrantasySharks. The translation and subsequent fantasy point calculations should be reasonably accurate. For example, your league might award a large bonus that we don't support but it has a low probability of occurring so it would translate to a small average number of fantasy points. Furthermore this bias would scale proportionately across most of your players anyway. For example, if your WR's score ten points for a 40+ yard reception that does not end in a touchdown, but the likelihood of a achieving this bonus is 1%, it only has a 0.1 fantasy point impact.

Click here to find a detailed list of The Machine's Supported League Rules and Configurations.

If you see any serious scoring rules issues, please let us know by filing a support request.

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