A) Let's say you have five WRs to fill only two starting slots, but have only 1 TE to fill your TE starting slot. Based on projections, matchup schedules, playoff rules, injury rates, etc, The Machine calculates the value of backup players very accurately. In this case, The Machine is calculating that an average backup TE has more value than a fifth WR. It often finds players that have complimentary strong weeks. It makes all its decisions to try to give you the best roster possible, not just for the current week but for the entire season, as if you will never get to make another waiver move.

Generally, The Machine gives good recommendations. However, you can certainly take the strategy that if you need a TE in the future, there are two or three half decent TEs to pick from. We recommend you read about the TE's it is suggesting and about your two lowest ranked WRs and then decide if you want to make a waiver move. This situation is not likely a make-or-break decision, so no hurry to do anything. You might also find a better TE by attempting to trade your WR. 

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