A)  To connect to your Yahoo league, you will need to install the ASL Yahoo Interface on your computer.  The screenshots and video tutorial on this page will help you download, install and launch the ASL Yahoo Interface.

Download and Install the ASL Yahoo Interface:

Step 1) Download:  Please click here to download the Yahoo Interface executable.  When accessing the link, it downloads ASLYahooInterface.dmg file to the ~/User/Downloads folder. All downloads shows up as an icon as shown below:

 Download Icon

 When you click the above icon, it opens up the downloaded file as shown below:

Downloaded file

When you click the above icon, it opens up the downloaded file and comes up with the application to install as shown below:

Application to install

Step 2)  Run: Double click the downloaded file to run the installer. The following warning message will pop-up. Click Open to run the installer.  

Install Warning


3) Install:  Once you run the executable, you will see the below installation screen.  The default installation options will install the ASL Yahoo Interface under /Applications, and start the application after installation.  If you accept these options, click Continue

Installation screen

Clicking Continue will show the below warning message. Click Open to install the ASL Yahoo Interface.

Installation warning


Launch ASL Yahoo Interface:

 Step 1) To launch the Yahoo Interface, go to the Applications folder as shown below in the screenshot and double click the ASLYahooInterface application. If you just downloaded and installed the ASL Yahoo Interface, the program will launch automatically. 

 Getting to Application Folder  Application list


Step 2) The application will now load, and when it is ready it will prompt you to "Click Connect to ASL Yahoo Interface within The Machine".  The prompt will look like this.

Running application

Step 3)  Now you can go back to The Machine click the checkbox to acknowledge that the ASL Yahoo Interface is running and click Connect to ASL Yahoo Interface button.  Be sure to leave the Yahoo Interface running for the entire time period you are using The Machine.  


When you are done using The Machine, close the Yahoo Interface.  You will need to re-launch the Yahoo Interface every time you load The Machine. If you have any issues, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit a help ticket from within The Machine's help menu.


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