A) The Waiver Recommendations page can sometimes recommend that you pick up a player on a BYE week. For instance, it might recommend that you drop your only kicker that would start the current week and pick up a kicker that has a BYE week, therefore hurting your chance to win this week. The reason this occurs is that The Machine makes recommendations based on what gives your team the best probability to win as if it were the last transaction you make for the season. When this occurs you should view this as a good recommendation, but one that you should defer doing until the following week.

We are working to improve The Machine’s understanding so that it will automatically defer these recommendations until a more appropriate time in your season. An enhancement should be made to accommodate this change later this season.

There is another scenario worth considering more carefully. Sometimes a great player is injured and is projected to be out for a long period of time, but to be healthy in time for fantasy league playoffs. Although there is risk involved, the reward can be great to pick up a player that might help you in your playoff weeks even though they do nothing for you now but take up a roster spot. One such player is Donald Brown, RB IND.

To evaluate waiver recommendations more closely, go to the player projections page and filter for the position you want to look at and “My Team + Free Agents” and then sort by current week fantasy points (click on the column header for the week you care about). This way you can easily see how the players on your team stack up against the players available on waivers.

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