A) Here is a checklist designed to help you get the best results from Trade Judge:

  1. Load your league into Trade Judge and check that it understands your league rules correctly by reviewing the pages under the League Setup menu. You should especially review the Starting Lineup Requirements and various scoring rules pages and make any adjustments necessary. If you make any changes, save the changes to the Advanced Sports Logic server by clicking the Save to ASL Server button.

  2. If something does not seem right or if you have any issues using Trade Judge, file a support request as instructed in this FAQ: http://advancedsportslogic.com/pages/support/general/43-gen-2

    This will provide the Advanced Sports Logic support team with the information needed to load your specific league and reproduce the same issue you reported.

  3. If you are in a dynasty or keeper league, you should add your own judgment to the results. The Machine only considers impact to teams this year with no consideration for player keeper values.


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