A) To generate an Auction Draft Player Value Table in The Machine, perform the following steps:

1) Go to League Setup > Initial Draft Order page.

2) Check that the "Number of Rounds" is set to the correct roster size you will have at the end of your auction draft. If it is incorrect, do the following:


3) Change "Type of Draft" to Auction as shown below.

4) Go to the League Setup > Roster Management page and set the number of auction bidding bucks each team gets for the auction.

5) Go to the Pre-Draft menu pull-down and select Generate Auction Draft Table as shown below.

6) Click the "START SIMULATED DRAFT NOW" button. This starts a simulated draft which The Machine uses to produce a player value table. This takes about 10 minutes for most leagues.

When The Machine completes the player auction value table, you can download it and read it into a spreadsheet software like Excel. You can customize your own spreadsheet to maximize your opportunity. We are providing a customized version of one example which provides position allocations and budgets and provides dynamic bidding buck values as you enter in what you and others bid for players.

If you like this example, you can copy your auction draft player value table into it. If you have different positions, number of teams, etc., you might have to make a few adjustments. Contact Advanced Sports Logic support, if you want additional assistance.

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