A)  We understand there is room to improve The Machine's recommendation specifically for dynasty leagues.  We are committed to doing this.  However, there are several reasons The Machine might make a recommendations that are not ideal for your dynasty league are:

We understand this is not how you view your dynasty draft. Here are some ways you can get better results for your dynasty draft:

  1. Set position limits on the League Setup > Roster Management page so that The Machine does not recommend positions you are not interested in drafting.
  2. Lower the scoring rules of positions you want to de-emphasize to make them less important or irrelevant (all 0's) on the League Setup > Offensive Player Scoring Rules page.
  3. Use the position value meter to find the positions The Machine indicates are most important and then go to the Player Projections page to find the best free agents for those positions you want to fill.
  4. If you make changes to the position limits and scoring rules for your draft, please remember to go back to League Setup and Reset to default settings after your draft.
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