A) After understanding the difference between a keeper and dynasty league; next, is understanding the difference between pre-draft mode and draft mode.

In pre-draft mode, The Machine looks at your roster to see what players it believes you and other teams should keep. It uses the simulated draft as a way to value draft picks and players, so it ignores the players that are on your roster until you get to the keeper or dynasty league recommendation pages. For dynasty league recommendations to work correctly, The Machine will populate the rosters with last year’s players. For keeper league recommendations to work correctly, The Machine will populate the rosters with last year’s players and when they were draft. When adding draft pick numbers, use the absolute pick number, not the draft round. If a player was a free agent last year, use 0 for their draft pick.

In draft mode, The Machine uses your roster as though it is the final decision of keepers. In a dynasty league, the players will not show up on the draft board, but will be accounted for as part of your roster. So for example, if you have Aaron Rodgers, The Machine will not have you draft a QB in the first round, and it will not select Aaron Rodgers for any other teams in your league. In a keeper league, the players will show up on your draft board. Your commissioner must enter the pick where they belong on the draft board prior to the start of the draft. For keepers league you cannot easily switch back and forth between pre-draft and draft mode because in pre-draft mode the picks you enter are for last year’s draft, and for draft mode, the picks are for this year’s draft.

The following table summarizes the differences.

  Pre-Draft Draft
Roster Simulate draft ignores roster. Pre-draft features recommend players to keep, drop and trade. In keeper leagues, keepers show up on the draft board. In dynasty leagues, kept players are not drafted but are consider as part of the roster when recommending picks.
Draft Picks Draft pick numbers should be from previous draft and are used for deciding keepers. Use 0 as the pick number for players acquired through free agency. Draft pick numbers should be from current draft and are used for pre-populating the draft board in keeper leagues.

Draft Board
Simulated draft starts empty.
Simulated draft starts with keepers showing on the draft board.
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