The line between Keeper leagues and Dynasty leagues is not well-defined in the fantasy sports industry. The Machine operates differently depending on whether you specify your league is a keeper league or a dynasty league. Advanced Sports Logic makes the distinction that a keeper league is where you must surrender a draft pick to keep a player. A dynasty league is where you drop players to get down to a core number of players that you can keep into next season. The following table clarifies the differences:

League Type Pre-Draft Player Selection How to Keep Player Draft Rounds Final Roster
Re-Draft None N/A Equals roster size Equals Draft
Keeper Which players to keep Allocate draft pick Equals roster size Equals Draft
Dynasty Which players to drop Don't drop from roster Less than roster size Equals Draft + Kept Players

First year keeper leagues should be treated as a re-draft league. First year dynasty leagues should be run in dynasty mode, but there should be an empty draft board at the start and the draft rounds should be equal to the final roster size. your social media marketing partner