A) The following charts provide a basic overview of the key features of The Machine and how they are related to the main pull down menus.

The green boxes represent inputs to The Machine. Inputs include:

1) Player projections from our partners.  You can select your blending percentages and see projections details on the Player Projections page, which you access from the main menu bar.

2) League setup for teams, league schedule, scoring rules, matchups, etc.  These should be set automatically when integrated with a league provider.  However you can review all these settings and make any adjustments are required.  You can try experiments by changing in the current session only, or you can make changes permanent by saving to the Advanced Sports Logic server.

3) You must select if you want The Machine to run in pre-draft, draft or in-season mode.

Using these inputs, The Machine simulates your entire fantasy football season using intense probability math, represented by the orange oval, for all the types of transactions that you want to analyze or for which you want to receive recommendations.

You can view the details of The Machine’s baseline simulate from the Home page and from the Season Projection pages, indicated by the blue boxes.  You can find out information such as your probability to win the championship, go to the playoffs, what seed you will be to the playoffs, win individual matchups and much more.

Finally, The Machine has many features to give you the analysis and recommendations you need to maximize your probability to win from the Pre-Draft, Draft or In-Season pull down, as indicated by the gray box.

The charts below indicate what order to access these main menu items for basic setup and use.

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