A) If you purchased The Machine: Full Season in CBS App Central, you have access to all the features offered in The Machine this season as indicated on the CBS feature support page.

NOTE: Once you have access to The Machine: Full Season icon, you will have access to all the pre-draft, draft and in-season features in The Machine. There is no need for access to any of the other icons in CBS (DRAFT, INSEASON, LINEUP, WAIVER, TRADE, ASK) since The Machine: Full Season includes all of those features in one single app for your convenience. These other apps will remain greyed out.

During the draft season, this app is place in the Draft Central > Draft Tools menu.

As of September 7, The Machine: Full Season has moved to the My Team > Roster on CBS as shown below.

To access the features in pre-draft, draft or in-season at any point in the season, select the state of your season in the following pop-up dialog box to access those features. You will be prompted with this option when you load The Machine each time. There is no harm to select different states of the season, so feel free to select each any state to try those features out. 


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