Trade Judge is the Advanced Sports Logic solution to resolve trade disputes. It performs rigorous mathematical analysis based on player projections from multiple expert sources. The goal for anyone to perform a trade should be to help one's own team. Trades that do not help one's own team are suspect. On the other hand, not everyone agrees with future player projections from one source, so Advanced Sports Logic uses at least four sources of projections. If the trade is good for each team with at least one of the sets of projections, then the trade is declared a fair trade. If a trade hurts one team with all four sets of expert projections, then the trade should be disallowed.


Indicate the trade being disputed and click the Analyze Trade button. Trade Judge will run for ten to twenty minutes as it reads in each of the four sets of projections, processes pseudo-waivers (see Information on the Process Pseudo-Waivers page), and analyzes the trade. When it completes, it will generate a table showing the projected impact to each team's probability to win based on each of the four sets of projections. A passing trade requires at least one positive percentage in both columns.


The Advanced Sports Logic Trade Judge solution does not consider player keeper or dynasty value and should not be used as a final decision making tool in dynasty or keeper leagues.

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