The Machine uses pseudo-waivers to balance rosters before doing trade analysis. In order to value players, not just by the value to a team, but also based on what players are available on waivers, it is necessary to run waivers for each team before doing trade analysis. For example, if you lost your only kicker or defense, your probability to win would go down significantly; likewise, if you only have one of those positions on your team, The Machine would value a backup kicker or defense highly. However, these players are generally available from waivers and you don't want to trade a good running back for a good kicker. Pseudo-waivers take care of this for you. As pseudo-waivers run, you will see The Machine running waivers recommendations for each team.

Why should I process pseudo-waivers?

Pseudo-waivers results are not a specific recommendation for your team, but just a preparation step for trade related features. Pseudo-waivers will run automatically whenever you run any trade-related feature of The Machine. This page allows you to watch pseudo-waivers run and view the pseudo-waiver results.

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