The Schedule and Playoff Seeding page enable you to view and set your league's rules for the regular season schedule and playoffs.

Current NFL Week

The current NFL week changes every Tuesday night. The week leading up to the first regular season NFL games is week 1. The Machine uses this number to adjust projection variance and risk of injury. The further in the future a game is, the less predictable the outcome and the more likely an injury will occur. The Machine uses negative values and zero to reflect weeks prior to the first regular season week.

Regular Season Settings

The Machine treats regular season weeks and playoff weeks differently. Use the up/down arrows to set or adjust the number of weeks in the regular season. The Machine assumes your fantasy football season starts the first week of the NFL regular season. If your league has no playoffs, select the regular season win criterion that best matches your league's rules, wins, total fantasy points or victory points.

Playoff Settings

If your league has playoffs, select the method used to determine which teams go to the playoffs, regular season wins, regular season total fantasy points or regular season victory points. Then select the number of teams that go to the playoffs. The Machine automatically calculates byes and playoff weeks based on the number of teams that go to the playoffs.

League Setup Check

When you navigate away from the League Setup pages The Machine will perform a check to ensure the league setup options you set are valid. If there is an invalid or incomplete setting, a warning message pops up with details about the issue and a recommendation of how to fix it. You will not be able to navigate away from the League Setup pages until your setup passes the check.


The Machine detects when you make changes that require recalculation. When you navigate away the League Setup pages, assuming you your setup passes all checks, you will be directed to the Home page. The Machine will rerun the full season calculations based on your new settings.

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