The Teams and Divisions page enables you to review and set your league's teams and divisions.

Setting Teams

Add teams by clicking on the Click to Add Team button at the bottom of the Team Names table. Delete teams by clicking on the Delete button to the right of each row. Change team names by clicking on the name of the team you wish to change and editing the name. Finally, indicate which team is yours with the "My Team" pull down menu.

Setting Divisions

First, indicate if your league uses divisions for playoff seeding. If your league has divisions use the Division Names table to add, remove and name divisions. Then in the division column of the teams table, use the divisions pull down menu to specify which division each team is in.

League Setup Check

When you navigate away from the League Setup pages The Machine will perform a check to ensure the league setup options you set are valid. If there is an invalid or incomplete setting, a warning message pops up with details about the issue and a recommendation of how to fix it. You will not be able to navigate away from the League Setup pages until your setup passes the check.


The Machine detects when you make changes that require recalculation. When you navigate away the League Setup pages, assuming you your setup passes all checks, you will be directed to the HOME page. The Machine will rerun the full season calculations based on your new settings.


When divisions are selected, The Machine requires the same number of teams in each division. If your league has an unbalanced number of teams in each division, then simply turn off divisions altogether. The compromise with this approach is that as you near the end of the regular season, divisions will not be accounted for in playoff seeding calculations.


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