The Generate Auction Draft Table page uses probability data generated from the Simulated Draft to determine an accurate value for players based on how much they help a team to win the championship. When the Simulated Draft completes, each player is given a value in auction draft bidding bucks based on the assumption that each team in your league has 100 bidding bucks to spend.

Runtime and Saving Results

Running the simulated draft can take some considerable time depending on the type of league you are in. For a typical league on an average computer, it will take about 40 minutes. However, for a league with IDPs, 40 teams, 40-player rosters and complex flex positions, it can take hours. You will want to generate the auction draft table well ahead of your scheduled draft time. When the auction draft finishes, you can save the result to a CSV file, which can be read by any standard spreadsheet applications. You can take the spreadsheet to your draft and mark players off or adjust values as players come off the board.


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