The Machine needs to know what players are on each team roster to provide you with optimum team guidance. The Roster Management page enables you to maintain the league rosters in manual leagues. 

Roster Limit

Some leagues have limits on the maximum number of players that you can have on your roster of a particular position. By setting these values, The Machine is able to make recommendations more specific for your roster requirements. If a position has no roster limit, enter 0 in the Roster Limit column.


Select the team you want to modify. Click the Add Player button to add players and click the red X to delete players. If you want to make a permanent change, make sure you save your change to the server.

League Provider Integration

If you are using a version of The Machine that is integrated with a league provider and your league’s rosters are not being updated automatically, please file a request for support. If you manually edit the rosters and save them on the server, they will no longer update automatically unless you click the Reset Saved Changes button.

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