The Projection Blending page enables you to customize your projection blend between our projection providers.

 From this page you can:

Projection Blending

Projections are the starting point for The Machine to provide recommendations for your team.  The Machine enables you to customize your blend of projections so that you get a robust mixture of industry leaders.  The Machine focuses on making decisions based on an advanced mathematical system. Sports knowledge is reflected in the projections provided by the experts.  For commentary and more player-specific information, visit their websites directly.


When you change your projection blend, you must click the Recalculate button. When you click Recalculate, The Machine refreshes the blend and takes you to the Home page. Note: Your blend mixture will be saved on our servers and is tied to your user account, not to your league.  So when you change your blend mixture in The Machine, it affects the calculations for all your leagues.

Player Fantasy Point Trends

Click on any player to get a chart of the different provider’s player projection and how The Machine extrapolates the projections.  You will also see where your customized blend falls, relative to each expert.

Detailed Fantasy Point Check

Click on any projection to see how it was calculated.  You will see all the projected stats for that player and week and then you will see how those stats are combined with your scoring rules to calculate the fantasy point projection.

Download to CSV

Click on the Download CSV button to save your fantasy point projections to a CSV file.  You can read a CSV file into any spreadsheet software program.

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