The Machine supports 31 defense and special teams scoring rules. When reading projections from league provider APIs, rules do not always match exactly with the stat projections we receive from FantasySharks. The Machine implements a best fit algorithm to provide the most comprehensive and accurate scoring rules match of any similar product in the industry.

How To Set Scoring Rules

It is easy to make mistakes setting scoring rules. We have implemented a consistent way to read the rules so you always know the correct way to set each rule. For example if you are setting a scoring rule related to punt return yards, you should read the rule as "Points Per Punt Return Yard". If your league requires 10 punt return yards for 1 fantasy point, then the "points per punt return yard" is 0.1 and you would set 0.1 in the appropriate position columns.

League Setup Check

When you navigate away from the League Setup pages The Machine will perform a check to ensure the league setup options you set are valid. If there is an invalid or incomplete setting, a warning message pops up with details about the issue and a recommendation of how to fix it. You will not be able to navigate away from the League Setup pages until your setup passes the check.


The Machine detects when you make changes that require recalculation. When you navigate away the League Setup pages, assuming you your setup passes all checks, you will be directed to the Home page. The Machine will rerun the full season calculations based on your new settings.

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