The Dynasty Player Drop Analysis page provides you with valuable guidance about what players on your roster have the least value for your team that you might consider dropping. You can also have The Machine analyze players that are available to draft by clicking the Get Recommendations button. Use the recommendations to compare the value of your least valuable players to players that will likely be available in the draft to help you decide who to drop and how to strategize for your draft.


Limit instructs The Machine to only consider the value of available players of a selected position as a direct replacement for a player of the same position on your roster.  For example, if you limit the kicker position, then The Machine will only report kickers that have more value to your team than the kicker you currently have.  It will not value and report kickers relative to players on your roster of other positions that might have retired from the NFL.

Get Recommendations

Click this button to see the top players that The Machine recommends you add to your team either through your league draft or on waivers after the draft.  For example, you might want to draft top quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends, and optimize kickers and defenses through the waiver wire after the draft.


The Machine is only evaluating players based on the current year. You need to factor in longevity of high performance players in the NFL when making decisions.  As a general rule, top performing quarterbacks and wide receivers have greater longevity than running backs and tight ends.  So in a dynasty league you might want to weigh the value of quarterbacks and wide receivers slightly more than The Machine direct recommendations.

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